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FEATURES 11/14/18 12:10am

Radio Free Sid: Rocking on since 1975

In early 2015, Carson Ariagno was a high school senior in the midst of deciding where he would spend the next four years of his life. He visited Rice on what he described as a beautiful spring day. As his tour guide took his group through the South college grove, the air was suddenly filled with a beautiful croon from above.

FEATURES 11/7/18 12:14am

Studio, late nights and Netflix: The ARCHI experience at Rice

It’s hard to miss the bright red, orange and yellow seats that fill McMurtry’s commons. And McMurtry College freshman Dani Ennis hates them. If she had designed her college’s central space, she would have done it differently. While she likes the open space and the natural light, she’d prefer if the chairs were purple — still eye-catching, but they’d show off McMurtry’s color. 

FEATURES 10/31/18 12:21am

Baker 13: The Rice tradition that leaves its mark

It’s said around the world that Friday the 13ths are unlucky — but they’re especially unlucky for any Rice student who decides to use the evening to get some peace and quiet. More likely than not, their tranquility will be disturbed by the thumps of rear-ends slamming walls, and their view will be obstructed by indecent drawings made in shaving cream. Lastly, their ears will be filled with an army’s rallying cry: “JOOOOOOOIN US!”

FEATURES 10/31/18 12:19am

MBA student founds serial art startup

For Alex Kurkowski, what started off as a few stick figure drawings is now a full-fledged business. His company, Tellinga, offers something unique: customizable, illustrated narratives that are sent to friends, family or significant others in serial form.  

FEATURES 10/17/18 12:10am

Mr. Worldwide or: How I learned to stop worrying and travel abroad

Having completed a year at Rice and having taken to heart Rice’s mantra of unconventional wisdom, I decided to spend my freshman summer a little differently than most. I decided to backpack through Europe in a journey that would span two months, 18 cities and 14 countries. Accompanying me on my first leg of the journey were fellow Owls Cole Derksen and Maxim Karoubi. 

FEATURES 10/2/18 11:37pm

Push to the Polls: Clubs and leaders work to get out the vote as registration deadline approaches

In the 2016 presidential election, 43 percent of eligible voters ages 18 to 24 cast ballots across the country. In Texas, only 27.3 percent of eligible voters in the same age group voted. And these turnout rates, which are much lower than turnout for older groups, are by no means outliers — historically, young people don’t vote. That is especially true for Texas.

FEATURES 9/26/18 1:57am

An unconventional MUSI: Spotlight on Freshman Violist Lauren Ross

Even though it’s only been five weeks, freshman violist Lauren Ross has made herself at home at Shepherd — she’s already taken many naps on the black couches in the lobby, which she claims is the best napping spot in all of Rice. It’s easy to see that she’s comfortable at Shepherd by the way she stakes out practice rooms, which have windows that overlook the Skyspace on one side. As she pushes through the glass doors that look more like windows to enter Shepherd’s courtyard, she looks so at home that it’s hard to imagine her anywhere else. But one year ago, Ross wasn’t even sure she would pursue music at all.