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About Us

The Rice Thresher is the official campus newspaper of Rice University, published by undergraduate students. Since its first publication 102 years ago, in January 1916, the Thresher has continued to provide the student body with up-to-date campus news and information. The Thresher is published each Wednesday during the school year with the exception of examination periods and holidays.

The Rice Thresher aims to promote the free flow of information on campus by acting as a designated public student forum and publishing articles relevant to the student body and greater Rice community. To this end, the Thresher publishes a weekly print edition as well as online content.

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Ivanka Perez: Editor-in-Chief
Ivanka's friends would simultaneously describe her as a grandma and a child. She crochets, always wears glasses, and regularly forgets why she walked into a room, but also gets excited about little things like stuffed animals and hugs. This pandemic has been particularly hard on her love for hugs — since coming back to Houston, she's been stuck with three roommates who hate hugging. When she's not writing or editing for the Thresher, you can find her cooking overly ambitious recipes and then actually eating ramen for dinner. She's currently looking for a new TV show to fill the Friends-shaped hole in her heart.

Rishab Ramapriyan: Editor-in-Chief
Rishab is a senior at Will Rice college. He really likes to tell stories and will frequently go on tangents. As a Biochemistry and Cell Biology major, Rishab splits his free time between taking care of his cells at the lab and enjoying the thrill of Thresher deadline nights. At 6'3", Rishab is hard to miss on campus, especially when he is zooming through campus on his electric scooter. He loves hanging out with his dog, Teddy, using his megaphone, and wearing his banana costume to random events.

Amy Qin: Managing Editor
When she isn't writing and editing stories for the Thresher, Amy can be found driving too slowly on highways and jogging the outer loop at a snail's pace – in fact, as a highly type B person, that tends to be how she approaches life in general. She loves her rat dog, Amber (and chihuahuas in general, fight me), new Taylor Swift, and Costco-sized pouches of Skittles.

Tina Liu: Art Director
When she's not designing, Tina can be found reading someone's tarot cards for them and browsing through Typewolf or Dribbble. She's also really into romance movies with a 12% Rotten Tomatoes rating, excitedly showing pictures of her dog, Cooper, adding books to her unfinished book stack, and overusing the same fonts. Tina really likes: surprising people gifts, handwritten notes, good outfits. Tina really dislikes: Bebas Neue, long distance running, anyone wearing slides.

Katherine Hui: Sports Designer
Born and raised in New York, Katherine is a huge fan of arts and design. When she's not designing for the Thresher, chances are you'll find her painting, shooting photos, exploring every art museum in Houston, listening to her favorite design podcasts, or making memes on Photoshop. She's also been running long distance for 6 years, so you can find her running on the outer loop every morning (without music). Some call it self-torture, but she prefers "building character."

Robert Heeter: Opinions Designer
Robert Heeter is a freshman at Hanszen College from the San Francisco Bay Area, CA, majoring in something engineering. Besides his work for Thresher, Robert loves to do photoshoots around Rice (along with landscape and astrophotography), explore Houston, run late at night (and not get mugged), care for his baby toes succulent Reggie and butt plant (still considering names), play competitive tennis, hike in National Parks, and watch sunsets from the Cambridge Building with friends. :D

Katherine Chui: Features Designer
Katherine is currently a freshman planning on studying math and art. She loves The Little Prince, her cat-like dog, and watching the movie, Imitation Game, an unhealthy amount of times. You can also find her taking photos, attempting to run the outer loop, and setting her microwave on fire.

Savannah Kuchar:News Editor
Savannah is a junior anthropology major born and raised in Texas (and thus uses the word y'all generously). She loves amaretto lattes, cat memes, and her dog Luna. Between classes and working for Thresher or Rice Magazine, she likes to spend her free time writing half-finished screenplays or watching New Girl.

Rynd Morgan: News Editor
Rynd Morgan is a Taurus from Dallas majoring in English with a Creative Writing concentration and German Studies. After graduation, Rynd hopes to continue working in journalism as a news writer. Her other interests include film, fiction writing and researching local real estate developments. Her most listened to genre on Spotify is dance pop and her favorite color is pink.

Talha Arif: Assistant News Editor
Talha grew up in Houston and is a huuuuuuge Rockets fan. He's currently on his tenth (yes, tenth) re-watch of The Office and would really love if you could give him new shows (please). On campus, you can find him hanging out in Will Rice commons, at the rec, or in Fondren trying to deal with his latest pre-med struggle. In his free time, he loves going off-campus to try new food spots and his favorite food is the classic shawarma!

Brian Lin: Assistant News Editor
Brian is a sophomore from Kissimmee, FL. He has probably been to every Disney attraction and he most enjoys Hollywood Studios. When he is not writing and editing for the Thresher, Brian enjoys swimming, listening to podcasts (Freakonomics, Pod Save America) and adding to a growing list of unread books on his Kindle.

Ella Feldman: Features Editor
According to a 2014 BuzzFeed quiz called "What Kind of Pasta Are You?" that she has taken 12 times, Ella's personality approximates Tragic Pasta Spilled Across Rainy Stone Steps. When she is not thinking about that fact, Ella likes to write, read, and archive everything she has ever consumed on her Letterboxd, GoodReads, and Spotify accounts. She can usually be found yelling about D.C. statehood or putting alarming amounts of espresso in her oat milk lattes.

Katelyn Landry: Arts & Entertainment Editor
Katelyn is a junior history major with a serious passion for journalism that has motivated her to spend three wonderful years with the Thresher! She has the totally cliche dream of moving to New York City where she hopes to continue writing, particularly about how art emerges from and intersects with activism today. She grew up in Texas's equivalent of the Twilight Zone, will unironically listen to Big Time Rush and My Chemical Romance back to back and is most comforted by horror movies and cheesy YA novel adaptations.

Jacob Tate: Arts & Entertainment Senior Writer
Jacob Tate does not exist and is instead simply a government conspiracy to normalize hyperpop music and thus create a population more amenable to suggestion. Their likes, dislikes, opinions are all fabricated and completely irrelevant. The Thresher employs Jacob only in return for deep state subsidization and what the kids call "clout." When not engaging in antics, Jacob can be found DJing alone in their room, pretending to understand philosophy, and/or waxing.

Ben Baker-Katz: Sports Editor
Ben is a sophomore from Brown, majoring in History and Political science. He's from Evanston, Illinois, and his favorite parts about Houston are the BBQ and the weather in January. This is his second year with the Thresher, and first as Sports Editor.

Simona Matovic: Backpage Editor
Simona is writing the Backpage for the third year in a row. This is her second year on the Middle Pages helping you write staff editorials. Maybe this will be the year she makes it to the Front Page now that no one picks up the physical copy of the Thresher.

Timmy Mansfield: Backpage Writer
Timmy is a freshman at McMurtry majoring in Bioengineering. Coming from upstate NY, he's a huge Bills fan, and does, in fact, think Josh Allen looks good in shorts. Some of his favorite things to do on his free time are listening to music, playing video games, or watching his favorite shows. You can probably catch him dominating the ping pong table with four paddles, or at the servery collecting the fruit cups with the highest strawberry concentrations.

Ndidi Nwosu: Backpage Writer
Ndidi Nwosu is a freshman majoring in Computer Science who will insist that you can call her DD, everyone calls her DD. Although she moved to Dallas 2 years ago, she was raised in Queens, New York and still stubbornly considers herself a New Yorker and refuses to say "y'all" out of principle. She writes for the Backpage but is also an illustrator for the Thresher, so if you see one of her pictures in print, please ask her about it, she'll be very excited to talk about it. Ndidi likes to spend her time skating, procrastinating on Tiktok and buying all of the peach iced tea from The Hoot at 10 pm.

Vi Burgess: Copy Editor
Vi used to carry around a red pen to correct people's grammar on papers — she gets really excited when Google Docs assigns her a pink color to correct any grammar and spelling errors now. You can usually find her sitting in bed, critiquing the New Yorker's style guide. In her spare time, Vi loves nothing more than a good, healthy sleep schedule, about three cups of tea a day, the emphasis reacts on iMessage and baking bread.

Bhavya Gopinath: Copy Editor
On Mondays and Tuesdays, you can find Bhavya attempting to understand sports stats, deleting any signs of Oxford commas in articles and constantly browsing the AP stylebook. But when she's not copy editing for Thresher, you can find her binging any show on Netflix or taking random Buzzfeed quizzes to procrastinate doing anything productive. She also watches the most trashy rom-coms, rewatches Harry Potter while quoting the movies for the 1000th time, listens to the same song on repeat for days, sings incessantly and runs away (while screaming) at the sight of any bee.

Channing Wang: Photo Editor
Channing is a rising junior from Duncan majoring in Economics. His hometown is Wells, Maine and he grew up speaking Cantonese. Although he doesn't consider himself an artist, he loves photography. His favorite places to go are H-E‑B and Popeyes.

Audrey Yao: Video Editor
The absolute peak of Audrey's video career is the infinite number of Snapchat/Instagram stories featuring her getting boba. To find her, just listen for the sound of kid-sized Timberland boots dragging across the floor because she didn't have enough time to tie the laces. Audrey probably needs a nap.

Brandon Chen: Videographer
Brandon often wonders what it's like to be a dog (especially his own): frolicking around, jumping up to meet new people and napping. He also loves exploring the unknown, be it conquering new peaks of Angeles National Forest, reading a new book and discovering new stories or trying (and occasionally making) new foods. It pains him to not use Oxford commas per AP Style and he might have struggled to not use them here. In his free time, you'll find him around Will Rice, vibing to new songs and dreaming about traveling the world.

Mateo D'Agaro: Web Editor
Mateo is a senior dual Computer Science and Math major with an imaginary minor in Mario studies. When he isn't playing video games or coding for fun, he's usually gardening in the backyard or reading a nice fantasy book. He also has a very strong interest in languages, particularly constructed languages, or "conlangs," which he likes to create in his free time.

Karoline Sun: Business Manager
Karoline was born and raised in Beijing and went to high school in Virginia. She is studying Mathematical Economic Analysis, Psychology, and Managerial Studies, and her interest is adding more majors for herself. Before COVID and when she is not doing something related to business and finance, she can be found drinking at parties, shopping at the Galleria, watching movies, or trying out all the Chinese food she could get in town. Karoline loves traveling as well; she has been to 34 states including Alaska and all the major cities of the U.S. despite her nationality as a Chinese.

Lindsay Josephs: Ads Manager
Lindsay loves her home state of Connecticut, strawberry smoothies and being known as the "mom friend". On any given day, you'll probably catch Lindsay 1) petting the random dogs she sees on campus, 2) convincing her friends that Folklore is Taylor Swift's best album and 3) making cringey TikToks. She also spends her time procrastinating on homework by talking with friends, but chances are she'll ask you to repeat what you've said because she got distracted the first time around.

Lily Wieland: Distribution Manager
Lily is a junior at Brown majoring in philosophy with minors in biochemistry and the medical humanities. She spends most of her time doing independent research projects on various aspects of end of life care. In her free time, she loves reading, crocheting, and cooking!