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Tuesday, September 28, 2021 — Houston, TX °

Ivanka Perez

NEWS 9/21/21 11:00pm

Rice hosts webinar discussing abortion law

Rice hosted a webinar on Tuesday discussing Senate Bill 8, its impacts on Texan women’s abortion access today and how reproductive restrictions have historically impacted women. Held over Zoom, the webinar featured four Rice professors, former Texas State Senator Wendy Davis and the CEO of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast Melaney Linton. 

A&E 9/7/21 10:33pm

Sip & Study: Here’s our four favorite coffee shops in Houston

While the Rice campus has its share of high-quality coffee options, including Rice Coffeehouse and Audrey’s Cafe, it’s also worth sometimes going beyond the hedges for your caffeine fix. So if you’re looking to switch it up from your usual Nutty Bee — which, let’s face it, is hard to beat — there are plenty of options outside the Rice bubble. 

NEWS 3/16/21 9:20pm

Wiess, Will Rice redo elections due to complications

Will Rice College and Wiess College both reheld elections for certain college positions after facing issues relating to their respective voting softwares, OwlNest and Qualtrics. By holding these elections again, the election outcomes were changed both for Wiess and Will Rice.