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Shiyu Miao

A&E 1/11/21 11:36am

Review: Pixar contemplates life and death in visually stunning "Soul"

I am glad that this film came at the end of 2020, a very troublesome and unpredictable year that undoubtedly made people around the world acutely aware of loss and mortality. “Soul” inspires us to contemplate ourselves and those around us, while offering an excellent jazz soundtrack and visually stunning landscapes and skilled voice acting. 

FEATURES 11/10/20 8:54pm

Keeping up with the Sidizens: Chef Kim adapts to working at Seibel Servery

What initially attracted Richard Kim to leading the Sid Richardson College kitchen was the small, tight-knit community surrounding it. “I liked the idea of a smaller kitchen where I would be able to interact more with the students and get direct feedback about the meals we produce,” Kim said. “It has been a meaningful experience to be part of the Sid community, and the smaller kitchen has allowed us to experiment with different action stations to make it more fun for Sidizens.”

A&E 11/3/20 9:28pm

4 veggie friendly restaurants near campus to visit

Living on campus and have limited options as vegetarians or vegans? Trying to live a healthier life? Here’s a list of vegetarian and vegan options around Rice’s campus. With such diverse food scenes in the city of Houston, you're sure to find an option you love. 

FEATURES 10/6/20 9:47pm

Senior Spotlight: Nicole Tan talks engineering and dancing at Rice

In the first week of Nicole Tan’s freshman year, Hurricane Harvey arrived in Houston and devastated the city. Tan, who is from Philadelphia, said she had never experienced a natural disaster like Harvey before. “I had experience with hurricanes before, but not to this level,” Tan, a Sid Richardson College senior, said. “It was very much a bonding experience for my class.”

FEATURES 2/29/20 8:42pm

Senior Spotlight: Debora Kim finds home in Houston

When Debora Kim arrived at Rice’s international student orientation in 2016, it wasn’t her first rodeo. Although she grew up in South Korea, the Sid Richardson College senior was born in Houston while her parents were doing research right across the street at Texas Medical Center. 

FEATURES 2/4/20 9:04pm

Owls fly the nest: students discuss study abroad experiences

When Serra Sozen decided to study abroad at University College London, she expected the experience to be different from her time at Rice. The enrollment at UCL is about 31,500, they offer a wide variety of courses and the university is all the way across the Atlantic. But there was one difference that Sozen didn’t expect: the clubs. 

FEATURES 9/10/19 9:22pm

In ancient civilizations, we see the present

McMurtry College junior Jackson Richard White came into college wanting to study astrophysics, but he said he found an affinity for classical studies after his first-year writing-intensive seminar,  “Propaganda in the Roman Empire.”