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NEWS 11/15/16 11:22pm

MECH continues push for change at town hall

Mechanical engineering faculty and students discussed departmental weaknesses and ways to improve the undergraduate experience during the MECH Department Town Hall Meeting organized by the Rice MECH Advisory Board on Friday.

NEWS 11/9/16 5:03pm

Rice’s energy efficiency changes prove to be cost effective

With energy efficiency playing a central role in both environmental and economic discussions, Rice University has been taking steps to limit both its carbon footprint and the economic toll of inefficient energy usage. Director of Sustainability Richard Johnson said Rice takes part in voluntary programs that reduce electricity output during key times, which have totaled $399,405 in revenue and savings. One of these programs, the Emergency Response Service-30, calls Rice from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas during high amounts of energy use and allows 30 minutes for Rice to reduce usage by typically three megawatts.

NEWS 11/9/16 4:23pm

College masters recommend change to title, SA seeks student input

Following the announcement of the Committee of the Masters’ recommendation to change the title of “college masters,” the Student Association is soliciting student opinion on the proposal, according to SA President Griffin Thomas. The collection of student feedback came at the request of Rice University President David Leebron, Provost Marie Lynn Miranda and Dean of Undergraduates John Hutchinson, with whom the decision ultimately rests.

NEWS 11/9/16 4:09pm

Rice history closely tied to energy industry

Just as Stanford University is affiliated with Silicon Valley’s booming tech industry and New York University’s Stern School of Business with Wall Street’s banking and finance, Rice is impacted by its location within Houston’s energy and oil driven economy.

NEWS 11/2/16 10:42am

Rice Engineering Alumni donates $50k to improve MECH lab classes

Rice Engineering Alumni has committed $50,000 to improving laboratory classes in the mechanical engineering department. The funding comes in response to student concerns raised over the past six months regarding outdated curriculum and facilities, including at a highly attended town hall meeting last semester.

NEWS 11/2/16 10:30am

REMS creates endowment in celebration of 20th anniversary

In celebration of their 20th anniversary, Rice Emergency Medical Services announced the establishment of the Rice University EMS endowment, which will benefit one outstanding graduating REMS senior pursuing further medical education, according to REMS Director Lisa Basgall.

NEWS 11/2/16 9:50am

RUPD continues to bolster active shooter protocol

In light of recent violent events in the nearby Houston area, including an armed robbery on campus in October and a mass shooter in the area in late September, members of Rice University Police Department responded to questions about Rice’s protocol for gunmen near campus with assurances that response plans have been well prepared.

NEWS 10/25/16 11:19pm

SA funds 3 new initiatives

A total of $1,900 has been granted to three organizations under the Student Association Initiatives Fund by the Blanket Tax Committee, according to SA Treasurer and BTC member Maurice Frediere.

NEWS 10/25/16 10:48pm

CCL, student clubs register more than 150 voters

With a presidential election looming in November, the Rice Center for Civic Leadership and various student organizations have hosted a variety of voter registration drives and get-out-the-vote efforts over the past two months, registering a total of over 150 students before the Oct.

NEWS 10/19/16 11:40am

Learning to lead: Students reflect on whether the Doerr Institute’s coaching model can deliver results

The Doerr Institute for New Leaders is not a “coaching institute,” according to Associate Director for Coaching Holly Tompson — although it is only one of 12 initiatives, it is what many students have come to associate most with the institute. Although all of the peer coaches the Thresher interviewed reported positive experiences when undergoing coaching with the Doerr Institute, they expressed varying opinions on the program’s methodology and efficacy.

NEWS 10/19/16 1:53am

Alternative homecoming shirt sale raises scam suspicion

With homecoming weekend approaching, a two-day weekend sale of homecoming shirts targeting Rice students resulted in more than 100 students placing orders — but some now say they feel misled after realizing that the shirts have no association with Rice, and others on campus have warned that the entire sale may be a scam. Inkonit, a small South Dakota company, launched the sale through a Facebook page over the weekend.

NEWS 10/16/16 3:22pm

RAMHA brings National Mental Health Awareness Week to Rice

The Rice Alliance for Mental Health Awareness hosted a film viewing of “Silver Linings Playbook,” distributed anxiety and depression screenings and encouraged others to take an online stigma-free pledge last week in an effort to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.