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Monday, September 26, 2022 — Houston, TX

Morgan Gage

NEWS 9/6/22 11:29pm

Students discuss adjusting to new dining policies

Starting this semester, Rice Housing and Dining implemented significant changes to their dining policies, including an additional meal period, additional 25 meal swipes for the full meal plan and a required additional swipe for any entree plates after the first entry, without any changes to the price of the meal plan beyond what was previously budgeted for the 2022-2023 academic year. These changes were cited as being in response to the Student Association Resolution to Structurally Address Disordered Eating Patterns in the Rice Community. However, differing opinions exist about whether the changes address the concerns that prompted them.

A&E 8/30/22 11:30pm

Munch on these brunches

There’s an art to brunch, from assembling the perfect group of friends to figuring out a time in the midst of hectic schedules to dine out together. Above all, though, there is an art to choosing the perfect restaurant to visit. With plentiful options in Houston, even just the array of choices can be overwhelming. That’s why we visited these four popular brunch spots to offer the inside scoop on the appeal of each. 

OPINION 8/23/22 9:21pm

We love Rice. We hope our work this year reflects that.

Each year, past editors in chiefs have penned welcome letters to the Rice community about their goals for the upcoming year. Many of them have urged the community to trust the Thresher in our pursuit of accurate, thorough reporting and storytelling. We enter this year with a similar goal, but we don’t have an ask of our community or our readers. Instead, we are calling on ourselves to reach out to the Rice community as a whole and meet the standards of journalistic integrity that our community deserves and that we expect of ourselves.

FEATURES 4/12/22 11:06pm

‘I felt like I live to work’: students talk burnout

​​Rice students are busy. Rice students are tired. Some Rice students are facing the mounting threat of burnout. Amid academic, extracurricular and social expectations, four students described their struggles with burnout at Rice. Agnes Ho, Director of the Student Wellbeing Office, defined burnout as “what happens when you are physically and emotionally stressed and exhausted to the point that your body and mind signal you to do something to either respond to it or to shut you down.” 

A&E 4/5/22 11:50pm

Review: Machine Gun Kelly, are you okay?

Since rapper turned self proclaimed “new face” of pop-punk Machine Gun Kelly released “Tickets to my Downfall” in 2020 and broke into the pop-punk scene, Kelly has been the subject of public vitriol, and his recently released album “mainstream sellout” revolves around this, lamenting his perceived outcast status, pop-punk gatekeepers shunning his music and his own struggles with mental health. The 2022 release is, unfortunately, an album that feels forgettable in its sameness between songs and as if it borders on parody of the genre with none of the humor of satire.

A&E 3/30/22 12:19am

Beer Bike shirt designers talk inspiration

The festivities of Beer Bike pick up and will continue throughout the week, and Beer Bike itself quickly approaches this Saturday, April 2. Students will don their college Beer Bike as their college teams race around the track and vie for one of the most hotly contested titles at Rice — champions of Beer Bike 2022. For the first time since Beer Bike 2019, eager students will be able to not only wear their college’s shirt but will be able to display the designs with pride while they cheer on their college biking and chug teams. The artists and designers behind the Beer Bike shirts emailed the Thresher about their inspiration for the shirt as well as the thought that went into the design process.

NEWS 3/29/22 10:51pm

Students voice safety concerns with track prior to Beer Bike

The bike track was closed for repairs to fix safety issues, according to one of Brown College’s bike captains Sara Emami and emails obtained by the Thresher. Several bike captains said they have noticed that the track drains more slowly after rain and that tar and paint have issues caused by heat that reduces surface friction.