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NEWS 3/23/16 4:00pm

Beer Run: 9 Years Since Last Run

Finishing times indicate Martel College won the women’s and men’s races and Jones College won the alumni race at Beer Bike where, for the first time since 2007, a running race took place instead of biking.

NEWS 3/16/16 1:59pm

Tuition Increases for 2016

The annual increase of Rice University’s undergraduate tuition has come to be expected every year, and the price tag to attend Rice in fall 2016 is no exception.

NEWS 3/16/16 1:43pm

Paypal co-founder critiques pitches, talks entrepreneurship

PayPal co-founder and Affirm CEO Max Levchin visited Rice to discuss entrepreneurship as a part of his University Tech Tour in an event organized jointly with the computer science club. Levchin, a serial entrepreneur, said one of the main reasons he was drawn to Rice was its diversity. “We’re looking for far-flung places to find talent,” Levchin said.

NEWS 3/16/16 1:37pm

New EVP election to fill vacancy

A special election will be held for Student Association external vice president by the end of the month, pending SA Senate approval, due to elected candidate Justin Onwenu’s decision to step down before changeover for personal reasons. According to Director of Elections Sai Chilakapati, Senate will vote on the the timeline for a special election on March 14, then finalize the ballot a week later, after which campaigning will begin.

NEWS 3/11/16 7:27pm

Onwenu releases statement stepping down as EVP-elect

After close discussion with family, friends and mentors, I have decided to step down from my role as 2016-2017 Student Association External Vice President. Given recent personal circumstances, I believe this is the best decision for myself and for the SA. I love Rice and I have truly enjoyed serving students through the SA over the past two years. I cannot thank the people who have supported me through this process enough.

NEWS 2/23/16 9:50pm

Thomas, Onwenu win SA election

Griffin Thomas will assume the position of Student Association president after winning a close election against Joan Liu, while Justin Onwenu emerged as the clear winner in a three-way race for SA external vice president. Thomas, a junior finishing his term as Lovett College president, won 53 percent of the 1,532 votes cast in the presidential race, which had a 40 percent higher turnout than last year.

NEWS 2/16/16 11:38pm

Candidates face off in debate

The Student Association presidential candidates went head to head Friday night in a debate hosted by the Thresher in the McMurtry College commons. The question-and-answer format featured questions from the moderators and audience, rebuttal and opening and closing statements.

OPINION 2/10/16 10:00pm

Vote for me, and I’ll fight for you

Candidates for Student Association president always write the same things in these op-eds about wanting to find a way to work with the college system, increase communication with the student body and enhance the Rice experience (whatever the hell that means). While these are certainly important and admirable goals, I am not going to pander to you like that or waste your time because the stakes are too high.

OPINION 2/10/16 10:00pm

A past to shape the future

Over the next week and a half, I will share my goals and vision for the next SA term in almost every place imaginable on campus. However, these ideas will only be thoughts without you understanding who I am and why I think I would be good for Rice.

OPINION 2/9/16 9:13pm

Stereotyping cheaters unacceptable

Until last Tuesday, I couldn’t say I was genuinely disappointed in a sizable number of Rice students. Sure, there were some basketball and football games I would’ve liked to see with a fuller student section, but I had never been angry at the Rice community or embarrassed to say I was a part of it.