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Monday, November 28, 2022 — Houston, TX

Jacob Pellegrino

A&E 11/9/22 12:56am

Review: ‘Her Loss’ is a solid, if lopsided, collaborative album

For his past two albums, Drake’s best tracks have featured 21 Savage, and for good reason: the duo displays strong chemistry and elicits some of Drake’s best bars in years. “Her Loss,” a collaborative album between Drake and 21 Savage, promised a continuation of what we’d heard in “Knife Talk” and “Jimmy Cooks.” However, it is largely a Drake album that regularly features 21 Savage. While still a solid listen with some really enjoyable moments, the album falls flat in delivering the kinetic collaborations we have seen in the past.

A&E 11/2/22 12:33am

Review: ‘Luv 4 Rent’ is uncategorizable

Smino creates an uncategorizable and unique album centered around the many forms that love can take on “Luv 4 Rent.” Unconstrained creativity is nothing new to Smino, as it’s been visible in his work since his exceptional debut “blkswn.” Smino is an artist who sounds like no one else and trailblazes his own combination of neo-soul stylings and an off-kilter form of rap.

A&E 10/25/22 10:03pm

Review: Arctic Monkeys continue to evolve their sound on ‘The Car’

Arctic Monkeys are back, and if you’re still looking for another “AM,” you’re out of luck. That’s not a bad thing, though. As a group, the band continues to evolve their sound and avoids repeating the same style. “The Car” continues in the general direction of “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino” while reviving elements of their earlier work for a project that emphasizes their comfort as a band.

A&E 9/27/22 11:55pm

Review: Djo creates a dreamy, psychedelic journey with ‘DECIDE’

On “DECIDE,” actor and musician Joe Keery expands his solo project Djo’s sound to ambitious new places. Although many people primarily know Keery through the show “Stranger Things,” where he plays Steve Harrington, he’s been involved in music for years and is a former member of Chicago psych rock band Post Animal. “DECIDE” is his sophomore album, a follow up to 2019’s impeccable “Twenty Twenty.”

A&E 9/21/22 12:20am

Review: BLACKPINK crafts an addicting and varied album with ‘BORN PINK’

On “BORN PINK,” BLACKPINK creates an addicting album that melds elements of pop, hip-hop and rock, leaving listeners wanting more. Drawn from a wide range of locations and forged through years of preparation in K-pop’s trainee system, BLACKPINK has found a unique sound that draws from both the strengths of its members Lisa, Jennie, Rosé and Jisoo, as well as the combined production savvy of their agency, YG Entertainment, and producer Teddy Park.

A&E 8/23/22 9:58pm

Review: NIKI looks backwards to move forward on ‘Nicole’

On “Nicole,” NIKI looks to her origins to move onwards, collaborating with her younger self to create a work that bridges the gap between two different eras of her life and career. The artist, born Nicole Zefanya, made a splash when she won a nationwide competition to open for Taylor Swift’s Red Tour in Jakarta. At the time, she maintained a YouTube channel, “nzee24,” on which she posted original songs and covers, primarily with a stripped back, guitar-and-vocal-based sound.

A&E 8/23/22 9:53pm

Looking back at summer music releases

Last year, the Thresher published a collection of smaller reviews and impressions of notable album releases from the summer break. One of the big themes of the past year was a slow return to normal, with musicians feeling hopeful about touring again and connecting with fans. This year, many of the pandemic’s effects can still be seen in releases, with many artists leaning into an introspective style after much time spent alone or only with close friends and family. However, many other artists have done exactly the opposite by embracing energy, making music that could be played in the clubs that have recently reopened. From the 29 summer releases I listened to, the following picks convey a range in genres and provide an image of current trends in popular music.

A&E 4/19/22 11:32pm

Review:‘The Northman’ sees Robert Eggers take his work to a larger stage

Robert Eggers is a filmmaker whose work has been defined by its small scale and intensive focus on characters. His prior films, “The Witch” and “The Lighthouse,” both feature a small cast and embrace environmental horror as terrifying events slowly pull the main ensemble apart. His reputation for his smaller scale and focus is partly why “The Northman” was so interesting upon its announcement — “The Northman” blows up Egger’s storytelling onto a massive scale. The locations, number of characters, and time period all dwarf his prior films. For the most part, Eggers steps up to the plate, succeeding in his ambition. “The Northman” will be available to watch in theaters April 22.