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Emelia Gauch

FEATURES 3/26/24 10:55pm

Magisterial matters: a look back at renaming

From wearing jackets that advertise their colleges to disciplining students when their checks bounced, magisters have had a myriad of responsibilities throughout the years. The 2017 change of their title from masters to magisters reflected a debate about whether their once-title, reminiscent of slavery’s use of the term master, correctly captured the essence of those responsibilities. 

A&E 3/7/23 10:36pm

ThresHER’s Most Influential: A guide to women-created art

Spring break is within reach, and what better way to spend a week off during Women’s History Month than by consuming women-created media? To guide you in your period of cultural enlightenment, the Thresher compiled some of the most influential artists and creators across music, fashion and literature who identify as women. Since we’re nothing if not thorough, listen to our playlist of women artists as you check it out. 

A&E 2/21/23 11:02pm

Review: ‘This is Why’ announces a new era for Paramore

Almost six years after their last album, Paramore has returned with “This is Why,” which moves away from anything the band has ever done before. The album lands in a post-punk space while not limiting itself by the genre. “This is Why” mixes present-day anxiety and post-2020 malaise, making a new sound to define Paramore’s new era.

FEATURES 2/14/23 11:45pm

Dating Science: Marriage Pact takes campus by storm

Concerned that you won’t find love at the ripe age of 18 to 22? Fear not. Rice students now have a new opportunity — or backup plan — for romance. The Marriage Pact borrows from the romantic comedy trope of two friends agreeing to get married at a certain age if they don’t find anyone else. Essentially, they agree to be each others’ romantic backup plan. Developed by Stanford University undergraduates Liam McGregor and Sophia Sterling-Angus as their final project for an economics class, the Marriage Pact takes this idea and translates it into a 50-question survey that students have brought to 78 colleges and universities across the U.S., now including Rice. 

A&E 1/31/23 11:19pm

Review: ‘Honey’ is a bittersweet confession

Recorded in the woods of North Carolina, Samia’s second studio album “Honey” is a confident, self-aware and unique addition to Samia’s growing discography. Dark and dreamy, “Honey” is an honest reflection on heartbreak, angst and feeling lost. 

A&E 10/13/21 12:49am

Black Art at Rice: Magdah Omer discusses identity and new exhibit

Magdah Omer, a Baker College senior, discusses their upcoming exhibition, “be water my friend,” at Sleepy Cyborg, opening Oct. 15. Omer’s art featured in the exhibit explores the fluidity of self and identity and utilizes acrylic paint on various unconventional canvases, including clothes, furniture and even people. The exhibit draws inspiration from Agnes Pelton, Özlem Thompson and Hilma af Klint. Omer said they hope that, through viewing and experiencing their artwork, people will gain better understandings of their own selves. The opening reception is on Oct. 15 from 7 - 9 p.m. with the exhibit open through Oct. 24.