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NEWS 9/6/16 11:23pm

Rice-Baylor program changes requirements

The Rice Baylor Medical Scholars Program, which combines admission to Rice with admission to Baylor Medical School after graduation if they fulfill certain requirements, typically accepts six students each academic year.

NEWS 8/30/16 10:55pm

Is the Rice experience accessible?

A new report from the Student Association shows that nearly 60 percent of students with a household income of less than $50,000 have been unable to participate in Rice events like Beer Bike or Center for Civic Leadership activities such as Alternative Spring Break due to their associated financial burden.

NEWS 8/30/16 10:47pm

Engineering dean to leave at the end of school year

Ned Thomas will step down as Dean of the George R. Brown School of Engineering at the end of the school year and return to teaching as a full-time faculty member, according to an email Provost Marie Lynn Miranda sent to faculty last week. Miranda said the search for a replacement to Thomas, who has served since 2011, will begin soon.

NEWS 8/24/16 11:09pm

Drug threat fails to materialize

Prior to this year’s Orientation Week, the university administration received information that some returning students were planning to distribute illicit drugs on Move-In Day with the intent of targeting new students, according to Dean of Undergraduates John Hutchinson.

NEWS 8/23/16 11:24pm

Sexuality course pilot stalled until spring

The Dean of Undergraduates’ office and the Student Association are working to offer pilot programs for a Critical Thinking in Sexuality course in spring 2017 rather than this fall as some expected, according to Dean John Hutchinson.

NEWS 8/23/16 11:19pm

Student concerns spur MECH changes

The mechanical engineering department has taken steps this summer to address understaffing and underfunding issues, following student complaints at a town hall organized by undergraduates in the spring.

NEWS 8/23/16 11:17pm

Students pursue political passions, blue or red

On Beer Bike morning, while the rest of Rice was preparing to ingest liquid at high speeds, Duncan College sophomore Maurice Frediere was at the convention for Senate District 13 to elect delegates for each precinct within the district.

NEWS 8/23/16 11:09pm

SA tables CUC credit limit censure

The Student Association Senate unanimously voted to table a resolution that would have censured the Faculty Senate for approving new limits on the number of credit hours undergraduates can take.

NEWS 4/22/16 10:29am

Faculty Senate approval of credit hour limit in face of student protests spurs campus debate

The Faculty Senate voted 14 to nine Wednesday in favor of the Committee for Undergraduate Curriculum’s proposal to lower the limit on the number of credit hours undergraduate students can enroll in from 20 hours to 18 hours, starting with the incoming class of 2020. More than 100 students were present at the Faculty Senate meeting to protest against the proposal in a sit-in organized by the Student Association, with at least 50 remaining until the vote on the changes two hours after the meeting began.

NEWS 4/13/16 9:47am

MECH department faces questions following student town hall

Over 150 students, faculty and administrators attended the mechanical engineering town hall, where undergraduates discussed some of the issues they face in the department, including a lack of tenured professors, underresourced labs and the general underfunding of the department. Mechanical engineering is the second-largest major by enrollment at Rice, with about 190 students.

NEWS 4/6/16 1:21am

Faculty political donations lean left

Public records show that Rice University employees have given 87 percent of their campaign contributions to liberal or Democratic organizations since 2000, while 10 percent of the contributions have gone toward those that are associated with Republicans.