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Monday, July 04, 2022 — Houston, TX

Michelle Gachelin

A&E 4/19/22 11:28pm

Review: Lizzy McAlpine’s artistry shines in “five seconds flat”

Lizzy McAlpine has created a masterpiece. Her second full-length project, “five seconds flat,” is a concept album complemented by a short film, with each song laid out in chronological order. Accompanied by collaborators Jacob Collier, FINNEAS and Ben Kessler, McAlpine’s unflinchingly honest writing creates a safe space for listeners within layers of thoughtful production. The project is an intentional departure from her debut, which she says embodied a more innocent and naive version of herself — someone she’s outgrown. Instead, “five seconds flat” is a vivid representation of McAlpine’s most formative experiences in love and loss, offering fans a more mature and nuanced perspective as she navigates their aftermath. 

A&E 4/12/22 11:17pm

Rice Owls Dance Team celebrates 30th anniversary, new era through spring showcase

For the Rice Owls Dance Team, the show will go on while parts of their journey come to an end. Their upcoming showcase, which celebrates the team’s 30th anniversary, also marks the end of an era for head coach Lilibeth Patt while ushering in her replacement, current team captain Taylor Montgomery. The show will be held on Friday, April 15 and Saturday, April 16 in Tudor Fieldhouse. 

A&E 4/6/22 12:16am

Notes from Music’s Biggest Night: Best and Worst moments of the Grammys

With over-the-top live music performances, fashion and drama packed into its three-and-a-half hour runtime, the 64th Grammy Awards offered viewers plenty of entertainment. Held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada for the first time after being postponed in January, this year’s show tried to broaden its audience and boost its pandemic numbers — the worst of all time. Returning host Trevor Noah carefully toed the line with light, safe quips, likely in an attempt to avoid another slap like last weekend’s Oscars. For those still recovering from Saturday’s Beer Bike and Sunday’s midnight deadlines, the Thresher condensed the night’s events into its most memorable moments.

A&E 3/30/22 12:08am

Acappellooza raises vibrations in this year’s showcase

Last Saturday, March 26, Rice’s five a cappella groups combined forces for an evening of performances that couldn’t have been more pitch perfect. The Philharmonics, Basmati Beats, Nocturnal, the Apollos and Low Keys each took the Grand Hall stage to perform their sets featuring creative arrangements and mashups of popular hits. The groups came together at the end of the evening for a joint performance of Silk Sonic’s “Leave the Door Open,” with singers from the featured groups alternating solos.

A&E 3/22/22 11:25pm

No car? Catch a bus to these cafes

We’re in the home stretch of the spring semester, with the promise of summer vacation just out of reach. Amid troublesome problem sets and unwritten papers, the Thresher is here to make sure you have one less thing to figure out — where to find coffee close to campus. No car? No problem. There are still many great cafe options for those who enjoy a non squirrel-ridden study environment from time to time, but are running low on goodwill from friends with cars (or on the patience required to drive in Houston). 

A&E 3/1/22 11:28pm

Rice Music Collective fine tunes their sound

Last semester, the Rice Music Collective created the Tiny Nest Concert, compiling the talents of 25 student artists under soft purple lighting in an intimately staged apartment off-campus. A play on NPR’s Tiny Desk, the video series of 22 musical performances was released over a period of six weeks. Since then, the club has continued to attract attention from musicians and non-musicians alike as they arrange events to showcase student talent. This week, the Thresher caught up with some former Tiny Nest performers to hear about how they became involved with music, their experiences in the club and the projects they’re currently working on. 

A&E 2/22/22 11:03pm

Soul Night amplifies multidimensional Black narratives

Featuring dance, song and spoken word, Soul Night provides an outlet for Black students at Rice to unapologetically voice their individual perspectives while simultaneously celebrating their shared identities. Preceded by a dinner reception, the event is the Black Student Association’s annual cultural showcase, held in the Grand Hall for the last time. This year, the show’s theme is Black excellence, which performers aim to honor in all of its nuances. Students and community members can watch Soul Night on Saturday, Feb. 26. Dinner starts at 6 p.m. and the show starts at 7 p.m.; tickets are $10.  

A&E 2/15/22 11:36pm

‘We’re all we’ve got’: BSA and RASA celebrate shared identities

Africayé and Soul Night are some of the largest cultural events on campus, hosted by the Rice African Student Association and the Black Student Association, respectively. They each showcase unique aspects of Black and African culture, and together, they create vibrant spaces to celebrate Rice’s Black and African students. The upcoming events are particularly special for organizers because they mark a return to an in-person audience, and will be the last events held in the Grand Hall before the Rice Memorial Center is torn down. This year, BSA and RASA have collaborated more to execute their respective visions for live audiences.

A&E 2/1/22 11:00pm

Rice PRIDE hosts first Open Mic Night

To many, Rice PRIDE events are just that — capitalized and in technicolor. Last Thursday, the undergraduate club’s Open Mic Night offered students a more intimate setting to express themselves and connect with listeners, who received them with earnest applause and words of support. Throughout the night, the energy ebbed and flowed as students presented their art with topics ranging from sobering to inspiring. Guidelines were purposefully left open-ended, since the event was intended to provide a communal space for performers to make the night their own.