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Monday, June 17, 2024 — Houston, TX

Madison Barendse

A&E 10/25/22 9:50pm

‘Pride and Prejudice’ adapted for today

Last weekend, Rice Theatre performed Kate Hamill’s unique adaptation of the Jane Austen classic, “Pride and Prejudice.” While the show stays true to the main themes and plot of the novel, it revives the source material through a modern comedic lens. Each member of the small cast gets a chance to shine, often playing multiple characters with hilarious results. Additional performances will be featured Oct. 27 to 29 at 8 p.m. in Hamman Hall.

A&E 10/4/22 11:36pm

Beyond the hedges: LAWAH builds community for Latine artists

​​Latin American Women Artists of Houston is a collective that aims to empower Latine artists by providing them with a community and opportunities to share their work. Each member contributes their unique artistic style and background to the group, but the collective’s art generally builds on themes of home, immigration and cultural identity.

FEATURES 9/27/22 10:59pm

ROPEing Rice into the outdoors

Rice’s location in Houston is beneficial in a variety of ways. After all, we have access to entertainment, culture and research in a world-class city. However, we don’t have as much access to nature — a problem Rice Outdoor Programs and Education is trying to solve.

FEATURES 9/20/22 11:50pm

Rice pursues a NEWT solution for water treatment

For some, it is all too easy to take fresh water for granted. However, in many parts of the United States and the world, clean water is a commodity. Dozens of labs and organizations are working to solve this problem, including the Nanotechnology Enabled Water Treatment Center on Rice’s campus. The NEWT Center is an engineering research center that aims to advance global water-treatment technologies. Other universities — Arizona State University, University of Texas at El Paso and Yale University — are also involved with NEWT. Dr. Rafael Verduzco, a Rice professor and researcher at NEWT, said that the connections between these universities are an important part of the center.

FEATURES 9/13/22 11:46pm

Space City: The Rice-NASA relationship through the years

Anyone who has been on campus is bound to have heard the name “John F. Kennedy” repeated tens of times recently. Indeed, Rice hosted a number of events this past weekend to commemorate the 60th anniversary of JFK’s “We choose to go to the Moon” speech at Rice stadium. Many of these events featured collaborations with NASA astronauts and administrators, marking just another result of the decades-long partnership between Rice and NASA.