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OPINION 3/22/17 8:00am

SA must follow the rules that guide their government

Throughout this year’s tumultuous Student Association election cycle, the Thresher has been concerned by a lack of disregard for the SA constitution by our governing institutions. The degree of constitutional oversight that led to the Elections Committee fiasco, in which part-time students were deliberately disenfranchised and the director of elections consequently resigned, is shocking.

OPINION 3/9/17 7:15pm

Whatever Happens

Whatever happens, the Student Association is great and so are all of you. Last week, the Thresher deemed my Facebook post announcing my decision to write-in to the Student Association presidential election “breaking news.” I have never been breaking news before and I highly doubt I will be again.

OPINION 3/8/17 8:00am

Letter to the Editor: Who does the SA work for?

There’s almost no denying this Student Association election has been a total disaster. From the alleged intervention of non-university affiliated political groups to the recent mudslinging between the two major presidential candidates, this campaign cycle has begun to look more like a scene from a Michael Moore documentary than a student government election.

OPINION 3/8/17 8:00am

Ask Merri and Webster: SJP trouble

I got in trouble with SJP. How do I break the news to my parents? Merri: For better or worse, this isn’t third grade anymore, and you’re not sent to the principal’s office to call home to explain to your parents that you kicked a kid on the playground.

OPINION 2/27/17 5:48pm

SA elections should be about plans, not platitudes

During this campaign, I’ve focused on the issues. It’s no secret there has been a spirited debate regarding the candidates’ proposals to make Rice a better place. However, over the past day that debate has extended into unfounded vitriol directed at me from both Justin Onwenu’s allies and his own campaign, including an op-ed by a Student Association senator claiming I was failing to stand up for Title IX complainants, and Justin’s condescending remarks that “leadership is hard” and “using buzzwords to rile up students for votes is easy.” Instead of resorting to personal attacks against Justin, I’d like to have a frank discussion about his policies. Justin, simply discussing sexual assault prevention isn’t bold enough.