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Postdoctoral fellow Alex Jong-Seok Lee navigates race, racism and identity in Asia

(04/07/21 2:17am)

When postdoctoral fellow Alex Jong-Seok Lee conceptualized his course in Asian Studies last fall, he went back and thought about previous conversations with students about the kinds of courses they would be interested in. Although there are several courses in Asian American Studies at Rice that focus on ethnicity, health, class and gender, students had brought up one issue that wasn't covered in-depth: race in Asia.

Providing aid in times of need: REMS volunteers embody culture of care

(03/17/21 1:59am)

During the school year, throughout the summer, and whenever there’s a big event on campus –– athletic events, and during a normal year, public parties –– student EMTs with Rice University Emergency Medical Services are around at the scene, looking out for the community. This past year, the stakes have been higher: EMTs have been serving their community during a pandemic.

‘Quarantined Sexualities’: Postdoctoral fellow Evan Choate rethinks queer literature in the pandemic

(02/03/21 4:28am)

Evan Choate has always been interested in contextualizing literature and narratives — and the past year gave him quite the backdrop to do so. For Choate, a postdoctoral fellow in public humanities with the Humanities Research Center at Rice, a central element to the narrative of being out or being proud is about “living your truth” and “embodying this identity” — a large part of which is done by accessing community. Although Choate lives with his husband and dog, being at home and isolated because of the pandemic has made this identity feel “muted,” he said.

From cooking to Cuba: Eight classes you should take before you graduate

(12/04/20 5:50pm)

From garden-fresh fruits and vegetables to classic films and a spring break field trip to Cuba, Rice University is home to an assortment of interesting classes. With input from the Rice community, the Thresher has compiled a list of eight classes students should consider adding to their schedules while they’re at Rice — no matter what their major or interests. 

“I love the Lord, and I don't see any error in my ways”: Students navigate being queer in religious organizations

(10/28/20 2:45am)

Editor's Note: The Thresher has granted anonymity to certain students who are not yet out to their community or family members. Anonymous students who have been given pseudonyms will be indicated with an asterisk* in their first mention. 

Spontaneous Combustion brings humor and improvisation on air with new podcast

(10/14/20 12:28am)

Spontaneous Combustion, Rice’s improvisational comedy group, has had one goal since 1995: make people laugh. This year, due to the pandemic, SpoCo will be bringing their humor to people’s headphones for the first time ever with their new podcast, “The Lighter Side with Spontaneous Combustion.”

Remote students build a life away from campus

(09/23/20 3:04am)

This semester is unlike any other, and that may be most true for remote students, who can’t pick up Coffeehouse drinks, study at Fondren or chat with friends on the outer loop. The Thresher caught up with four remote students in different parts of the country to hear about what their experiences have been like so far –– from eating home-cooked meals to attending classes with their pets right next to them.

Zooming into fall: Students and professors adjust to socially distant classes

(09/09/20 3:22am)

While teaching about projectile motion in PHYS 125 this semester over Zoom, physics Professor Jason Hafner gave students a hypothetical scenario: A hunter is trying to shoot a monkey sitting in a tree. At the sound of the shot, the monkey falls from the tree — will the bullet hit the monkey? When teaching the scenario this semester, Hafner gave it a twist: Instead of teaching completely theoretically, he decided to make it real.

New traditions: Students get creative with virtual and socially-distanced events this fall

(08/26/20 2:45am)

Mask-designing in tents by Rice Program Council, online dance workshops by Rice African Students Association, outdoor movie nights at Jones College and a Bachelor or Bachelorette-style online dating event at McMurtry College are just a handful of the events students are planning for this fall, which will be unlike any other Rice has seen before. With restrictions on social gatherings on campus, student organizers have been brainstorming ways to not just replicate traditional events online, but also introduce entirely new events.

Chinese international students can choose to live on campus at SUSTech, take Rice classes online for fall 2020

(08/11/20 1:06am)

Rice is offering Chinese international students the opportunity to live on campus at Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, Guangdong, for the fall 2020 semester, while enrolling in and taking Rice classes online.

Rice plans to support Harvard and MIT in lawsuit against new ICE regulations for international students

(07/11/20 11:15pm)

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement updated regulations for students on nonimmigrant F-1 and M-1 visas on July 5. According to President David Leebron, Rice plans to participate in legal action to overturn these new regulations by supporting the action filed by Harvard and MIT through an amicus brief.

Gabe Baker listens to his heart on new Bachelor spinoff

(04/21/20 11:59pm)

Being on the screen isn’t new to Gabe Baker, a Rice alumnus (Brown College ’14) and cast member of The Bachelor franchise’s new music dating show: “The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart” on ABC, where contestants sing to and with each other. Baker has been on athletic competition reality shows before –– “American Ninja Warrior” and Netflix’s “Ultimate Beastmaster.” While the constant eye of the cameras did put him under pressure to perform on those shows, Baker said that being on “The Bachelor” brought a new kind of pressure.

Virtual prayers: Rice students celebrate religious holidays under lockdown

(04/15/20 2:16am)

Religious festivals are times of celebration, shared in a community, when families hold both simple and extravagantly planned gatherings to catch up with each other and have a good time. Oftentimes, these festivals give religious communities the opportunity to gather as a large group to worship and celebrate together. Many of these festivals have deep spiritual or religious significance for students. The Thresher caught up with students celebrating Easter, Passover, Ugadi and Ramadan this year to discuss how they’ve managed to maintain the spirit of the festival even after the pandemic struck.