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A&E 1/25/17 9:10pm

The xx Bores with ‘I See You’

British indie trio The xx have returned from a five-year hiatus with the recent release of their third studio album, 2017’s “I See You.” Slated to play at huge summer music festivals such as Bonnaroo and Primavera Sound, the band’s new material will likely draw large crowds.

A&E 1/18/17 5:19pm

‘Willful Wondering’ beautifully melds fairytales and fears

Patricia Bellan-Gillen’s collection of whimsical prints, drawings, paintings, and installations titled “Willful Wondering and Disorderly Notions,” now on display at the Rice Media Center Gallery, embodies just what its name suggests: Art as an expression of wonderment and disorder emphasizing the powers of memory and experience.

A&E 1/18/17 4:36pm

Becoming a Biskit Junkie

So apparently the editors of the Thresher want me to let y'all know what I think of the restaurants I review in the first paragraph, so here's a skinny, low-fat, diet version of the whole thing: I love this place.