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OPINION 3/9/16 4:26pm

Rice needs more student investment in student media

Who here remembers the RU Observer? If you’re a freshman you most likely have no clue what I’m talking about. But for the older members of the Rice community, the RU Observer occupies a specific niche in our institutional memory. They were the digital-first outlet, the disruptor, the Buzzfeed of Rice, and they acted as a supplementary news source to the Thresher, for better or for worse.

OPINION 3/9/16 4:25pm

In search of good teachers

A quick glance at the comments students leave in course evaluations reveals that justifications for the high ratings of a professor often concern easily obtained grades, low workloads, a professor’s aptitude for making jokes and a general high entertainment value to the classes. Curiously, the mention of teaching itself is frequently missing. So what does good teaching look like? Being no expert on university teaching, in an attempt to answer this question, I can draw upon only my own experiences.

OPINION 2/23/16 6:20pm

Value marginalized voices in our colleges

From our first day of O-Week, we are told Rice actively works to build inclusive and diverse spaces and a “culture of care.” O-Week coordinators assemble their new students into O-Week groups of diverse identities and backgrounds. We view the residential college system as a social equalizer and living space for all students, and espouse that we value inclusivity and diversity. In practice, we often fail to translate these ideals into reality.

OPINION 2/23/16 6:16pm

Students of color should apply to advise

When I got my O-Week book, I was thrilled. It was the summer of 2013 and I couldn’t be more excited to be going to Rice. I tore the package open, read the letter from my O-Week coordinators and proceeded to flip through the book. As I got further into it, I realized my goal was no longer to learn about O-Week, Brown and Rice generally; rather, I was on a manhunt. Not for anyone I knew or even my own advisors, but for someone who looked like me.

OPINION 2/18/16 10:06pm

What I will do for you

What I will do for you I would like to take a chance to share my plans for some of the most pressing topics facing our campus right now, as well as some of the priorities that students have directly addressed to me.

OPINION 2/18/16 10:43am

Leadership styles in the SA election

There are multiple ways to define a leader and be a leader, all of which are valid in their own spheres. Two clear and different leadership styles are at play in this year’s SA presidential election. Griffin Thomas promises to lead from the front, representing Rice and the student body that will elect him, while Joan Liu promises to lead from behind, following the lead of the students and attitudes on campus.

OPINION 2/17/16 12:28pm

A letter to the SA candidates from a previous SA EVP

Dear Candidates, This past week I have enjoyed reading your candidate mission statements, watching your campaign videos, and learning more about your platforms through various social media. This week also allowed me to reflect on my term as SA external vice president during the 2014-15 year, and this reflection led me to write this letter.

OPINION 2/16/16 8:11pm

Endorsement misrepresents Thomas

To the Editor: Late Sunday night, the Thresher put out an endorsement for SA President based in slander by fundamentally misrepresenting Griffin Thomas and who he can be as a leader. This view is based on speculation rather than evidence and Griffin’s responses at Friday’s Thresher-hosted debate.

OPINION 2/16/16 7:40pm

Thresher endorsement warranted

In discussing the Thresher’s endorsement with friends and acquaintances, I’ve realized that many students aren’t aware the use of endorsements is standard protocol for both university and regular newspapers.

OPINION 2/12/16 6:16pm

SA candidates: do your research, and collaborate

To the candidates for Student Association executive positions, My name is Makenzie Drukker and I currently serve as the Chair of Rice University Court. I was recently reading through your candidate blurbs and discovered something concerning. Justin Onwenu, a candidate for External Vice President, does not know what University Court does.

OPINION 2/10/16 10:00pm

Vote for me, and I’ll fight for you

Candidates for Student Association president always write the same things in these op-eds about wanting to find a way to work with the college system, increase communication with the student body and enhance the Rice experience (whatever the hell that means). While these are certainly important and admirable goals, I am not going to pander to you like that or waste your time because the stakes are too high.

OPINION 2/10/16 10:00pm

A past to shape the future

Over the next week and a half, I will share my goals and vision for the next SA term in almost every place imaginable on campus. However, these ideas will only be thoughts without you understanding who I am and why I think I would be good for Rice.