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Anita Alem

OPINION 5/2/17 3:57pm

Don't mistake success for activism

We were very disappointed to read the WomenLEAD winning essay featured in the April 19 edition of the Thresher. The author opens with her remorse about being unable to attend the Women’s March, but realizes that by not marching and preparing herself for a leadership position, she is marching in her own way.

NEWS 4/6/17 3:11pm

'Master' title changed to 'Magister'

Starting at Orientation Week next year, the residential college system will have a new syllable: the title of college ‘masters’ will be replaced by ‘magisters’ according to Dean of Undergraduates John Hutchinson. The change comes after a decision by a committee of college masters as well as a Student association senate survey supporting the removal of the title of ‘master.’ Hutchinson said the term of ‘master’ as it is used at Rice University is intended to be an academic term of British origin, but the history of the United States and the use of the term ‘slave master’ complicates its usage. “"The initiative to make a change came from the masters themselves, who recognized that the title was problematic,” Hutchinson said.

NEWS 2/15/17 12:14am

SA addresses campaign ethics concerns with new rules

The Student Association Senate amended the regulations for the upcoming SA elections to bar candidates from promising student funding to organizations and from receiving campaign donations from groups unaffiliated with Rice. These new rules, which were approved unanimously at Monday’s Senate meeting, came in response to information indicating that a potential candidate or candidates had used external campaign consulting services and promised clubs preferential access to student funding in exchange for campaign assistance, according to SA President Griffin Thomas.

NEWS 2/14/17 7:55pm

Berlin Wall segment restored following graffiti

Art conservators completed the restoration of the section of Berlin Wall outside the Baker Institute for Public Policy following its defacement in an act of vandalism two weeks prior. According to conservator Robert Pringle, the process cost $10,000 to $12,000. Dean of Undergraduates John Hutchinson confirmed the vandals are responsible for payment.

NEWS 2/14/17 7:50pm

Willy's statue vandalized with swastika

The base of Willy's Statue was vandalized with chalk on the night of Friday, Feb. 3 with a swastika and the word "TRUMP" between 9:30 p.m. and 1 a.m. According to Baker College senior Stephanie Brener, the white chalk graffiti was removed within an hour of notifying Rice University Police Department.