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OPINION 12/9/16 7:58am

Letter to the Editor: CTIS class a measured step in the right direction

Last week, the Thresher editorial board published an editorial titled “Proposed CTIS class not a win, but a disappointment.” I find the primary criticism of the article, that omitting certain topics from the mandatory portion of the Critical Thinking in Sexuality workshop to accommodate for certain students “is simply wrong,” is short-sighted and the overall tone of the article is unconstructive. It is incredibly important to keep in mind this workshop is mandatory, something I think the editorial board is failing to do.

OPINION 11/29/16 6:51pm

Life requires no resume

We’ve all likely been through the rat race: four years of stressing over tiny percentages in the gradebook, a few points on the SAT and the summer job or internship that would look best on a college application.

OPINION 11/29/16 8:00am

Ask Merri and Webster

I’m supposed to be having fun as a senior, but I’m a pretty boring person. What should be on my bucket list? Merri: Sit down and make a list of things on campus or in Houston you’ve always wanted to see, visit or learn more about — this can be as simple as the zoo.

OPINION 11/16/16 8:00am

We aren’t overreacting

We aren’t overreacting. We have elected a man who is going to trial next month for rape charges against a 13-year-old girl, was caught on tape demeaning women to deplorable margins and has called Mexicans rapists and all Muslims terrorists.

OPINION 11/16/16 8:00am

Un-Masterful Objections

Last semester, college masters submitted a formal recommendation to change their title. As this has become a point of contention, I wanted to respond to two primary objections that people have posed to this change — objections I find shallow and in need of further evaluation. The “PC-bandwagon” objection: I myself have had reservations about “hopping on the bandwagon” in a number of different contexts.

OPINION 11/16/16 8:00am

Thoughts on liberalism and compassion

For many in our community, the results of Tuesday’s election came as a surprise. In the immediate wake of the election, it appears that President-elect Donald Trump’s victory came as a result of concerns about the effects of globalization and a dysfunctional culture in Washington, D.C., as well as fears about changing demographics and the place of women, Muslims, Hispanics, African-Americans and others in modern American society. We can and should have robust debates about some of the concerns that Trump and Trump’s supporters raise.