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Cyrus Ghaznavi

OPINION 10/1/19 10:52pm

Rethinking Orc Raids in the age of blackface scandals

In the past year, there has been a notable influx of blackface scandals among prominent politicians, such as Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and I cannot help but think of Sid Richardson College’s Orc Raids every time a new incident hits the press. 

OPINION 4/19/17 8:00am

Join the March for Science

Time and time again, Rice students have been described as “politically apathetic,” prone to ignoring the current events of our day in favor of schoolwork, research and other activities encompassed in that impermeable bubble of academics.

OPINION 3/23/16 3:52pm

Academic advising: A call to action

Last week, the Thresher published a few op-eds expressing disgruntlement with Rice academic support systems. Perhaps the support systems themselves need support, they argue. Though these articles do raise some valid points and areas of improvement, the articulated dissatisfaction is largely overstated. I hope to clarify and discuss some of the concerns here.