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FEATURES 1/26/21 10:55pm

‘Just hoping it goes up from here’: Freshmen talk starting college in a pandemic

 For most of the Rice community, the experience of the fall semester consisted of adjusting to a university that was nothing like it was before the pandemic. However, for freshmen, Rice in the COVID-19 era is all they know. Our newest class of students has navigated through a rather atypical college experience, from being separated from the rest of their college and struggling to connect with their virtual classmates, to being in quarantine through Thanksgiving break and losing family members to the virus. The Thresher checked in with five freshmen, selected at random, to find out how their first semester of college went.  

FEATURES 1/26/21 9:08pm

‘Solidarity, not charity’: Rice Mutual Aid encourages community to support itself

The beginning of a semester can get costly. There’s the gas or the plane ticket it takes to get to campus. Sometimes there’s moving, which can mean lease application fees, security deposits, furnishing and more gas. Then there’s the cost of textbooks, school supplies, technology, granola bars, coffee and anything else that students need to get through the semester. These costs — and the immense barriers they can pose to some students — aren’t always talked about. Rice Mutual Aid, a student-organized mutual aid network, is trying to change that. 

FEATURES 11/18/20 12:04am

‘Know your farmer, know your food’: Rice’s farmers market pivots in COVID-19 era

Lighthearted chatter used to drift from booths filled with lush, leafy greens and fresh baked bread offered by local vendors at the Rice University Farmers Market. But what was once a mainstay on campus faced a screeching halt when COVID-19 cases started to appear in Houston. Now, the only visible remnant of the market is a street sign pointing out where the market once was. 

FEATURES 11/17/20 11:36pm

Alone at Sid: Life in the isolation tower

The tower that used to house the Sid Richardson College community is quiet these days: hallways are bare and most floors are vacant. The only people living there are a handful of students from across the residential colleges, and they mostly keep to their rooms. 

FEATURES 11/10/20 8:54pm

Keeping up with the Sidizens: Chef Kim adapts to working at Seibel Servery

What initially attracted Richard Kim to leading the Sid Richardson College kitchen was the small, tight-knit community surrounding it. “I liked the idea of a smaller kitchen where I would be able to interact more with the students and get direct feedback about the meals we produce,” Kim said. “It has been a meaningful experience to be part of the Sid community, and the smaller kitchen has allowed us to experiment with different action stations to make it more fun for Sidizens.”

FEATURES 11/3/20 10:00pm

Black at Rice: Indya Porter embraces her identity

Indya Porter was in her high school Spanish class when she learned that she had received a four-year, full-ride scholarship to Rice. She had not told anyone that she had even applied to Rice, not expecting that anyone would have heard of it in Chino Hills, California, where she grew up. 

FEATURES 10/30/20 9:46am

Drive-thru ballots and ‘finger condoms’: Students talk voting in the 2020 general election

Two days after the early voting period started in Texas on Oct. 13, Katimah Harper got in a car with her boyfriend and drove down the street to NRG Stadium. They pulled up behind a line of cars and waited for about 10 minutes, then pulled into a tent, where a poll worker checked their IDs and gave them a tablet to fill out their ballots for the 2020 general election.