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Tuesday, April 23, 2024 — Houston, TX

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A&E 10/17/16 9:54pm

Danny Brown Doubles Down on "Atrocity Exhibition"

Five years and two albums have passed since the release of rapper Danny Brown’s breakout mixtape, “XXX.” His new album “Atrocity Exhibition” makes it clear that despite the passage of time and an upsurge in recognition, for Brown, nothing has changed.

A&E 10/3/16 10:43pm

McMurtry celebrates banned books

The history of banned books is long, dark and convoluted. But, aside from being wildly intriguing, it is also the starting point for a much bigger conversation on the ethics of literature.

A&E 9/19/16 8:54pm

What's hip right now

The Middle Finger 12-inch In a phrase: Long-lost music from J Dilla Where to find it: Virtually nowhere since there are only 1,000 copies Now you actually can Uber everywhere within the Houston inner loop for $7.13 or less.

A&E 9/14/16 8:55pm

Fall semester fashion trends

New York Fashion Week is underway as I write, but for those of you who aren't familiar, NYFW showcases the next season's collections, in this case, spring and summer for 2017.

A&E 9/14/16 8:55pm

Narcos season 2 disappoints

Don’t let the golf sweaters and that dad bod fool you — Pablo Escobar is back and has plenty to rage about in the second season of “Narcos,” released by Netflix on Sept.

A&E 9/14/16 8:54pm

Yoyo's delivers high-class hotdogs

Allow me to preface this review by saying that I don't like hot dogs. I find the taste of the sausage as bland as an episode of “This Old House,” the texture as slimy and spongy as, well, a sea sponge, and more often than not, the sausage is cooked to a point where the casing is scorched more than the town of Pompeii.

A&E 9/5/16 9:55pm

Glass Animals Stagnates on “How to Be a Human Being”

After embarking on an extensive festival tour, Oxford indie rock band Glass Animals has released “How to be a Human Being,” the follow up to 2014’s quirky “Zaba.” While their previous album turned some heads, their sophomore album gives them the chance to make a mark with a new, more developed sound.

A&E 4/18/16 10:22pm

KTRU outdoor show highlights local acts

In celebration of the 25th annual KTRU Outdoor Show this Saturday, the Rice University central quad between the Rice Memorial Center and Herring Hall will be transformed into a festival of live music, beer and food. The KTRU Outdoor Show is an annual all-day music fest that features both n’ational and local acts.

A&E 4/13/16 3:36pm

Rice professor designs new local live music venue

Houston concertgoers craving an authentic live music experience will be pleased with the latest addition to the local concert scene, the White Oak Music Hall, which celebrated its inauguration on Saturday, April 9 with French indie-electronic outfit M83.

A&E 4/13/16 3:35pm

Christy's brings discount donuts to Montrose

Amid the polished allure of Krispy Kreme, local chains like Shipley’s and newfangled gourmet donut shops like Hugs & Donuts in the Heights, there’s a local mom-and-pop store in Montrose with a seriously underrated reputation: Christy’s Donuts and Kolaches.

A&E 4/6/16 12:03am

Floating out of the mainstream in the Texas festival scene

Now that South by Southwest has come and gone, music festival season is officially upon us. New festivals seem to be cropping up every day, each branding their own aesthetic appeal while trying to outdo one another with elaborate lineups, stage designs, light shows and visuals.