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OPINION 5/2/17 3:57pm

Don't mistake success for activism

We were very disappointed to read the WomenLEAD winning essay featured in the April 19 edition of the Thresher. The author opens with her remorse about being unable to attend the Women’s March, but realizes that by not marching and preparing herself for a leadership position, she is marching in her own way.

OPINION 4/19/17 8:00am

Join the March for Science

Time and time again, Rice students have been described as “politically apathetic,” prone to ignoring the current events of our day in favor of schoolwork, research and other activities encompassed in that impermeable bubble of academics.

OPINION 4/19/17 8:00am

From the Editor’s Desk: Parting words

My baby is all grown up. But then again, the Thresher was never my baby. After all, I am simply one of many in a long line of stewards who voluntarily foisted a stick up their ass for an entire year to produce a college weekly.

OPINION 4/5/17 8:00am

Rec must improve communication with club teams

I didn’t think the hardest part of captaining the two-time national champion women’s ultimate team would be acquiring field space. For Torque, which is a club sport, communication with the Recreation Center has been a long-term problem.

OPINION 4/5/17 8:00am

Ask Merri and Webster: How do I tell my parents about my interracial relationship?

I’m dating someone who is neither the same race nor religion. How should I tell my parents, who expect me 1) not to be dating right now but to be studying, and 2) to be married in two years to someone who is the same race and religion of their choosing? Merri: This is another one of those instances where you have to weigh what you know about your parents and your relationship with them because no one else is going to be able to have those answers for you.