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Campesino Coffee brings color to Montrose

(02/23/16 3:11am)

Montrose might as well be a coffee shop neighborhood. A new place called Campesino Coffee House recently opened on Waugh Drive two weeks ago. It’s a faded brick house outlined with streaks of bright turquoise and fuchsia that’s been refurbished into a quiet, mellow java nook with numerous rooms. Small tables, booths, a counter and plenty of comfy sofas organize the large space, creating a bit of a maze along with the vintage, quirky decor. For those wanting to camp out for a day of studying, never fear — there is a multitude of outlets.

Rice looks to improving experiential learning with QEP

(10/21/15 12:53am)

Rice University has identified experiential learning as the focus of its next Quality Enhancement Plan, according to QEP Planning Committee co-chair Robert Stein. Rice’s reaccreditation process occurs every 10 years and requires a five-year plan to improve all students’ academic experience. The previous QEP centered on civic engagement and resulted in the creation of the Center for Civic Engagement in 2006, which has since become the Center for Civic Leadership.

Baseball announces 2016 schedule

(10/07/15 8:42am)

Seeking their 21st consecutive conference championship, the Rice University baseball team has begun their fall training and have announced their season schedule. According to the Owls’ newly released 2016 schedule, they will open their season with a home game against the University of Arizona on Feb. 16. That will be the first of 54 regular season games, 31 of which will be at Reckling Park. 

STRIVE coalition to spearhead sexual violence prevention efforts

(10/07/15 2:35am)

In response to the need for a strong sexual violence prevention program, the Wellbeing Office recruited students to create the STRIVE Coalition: Students Transforming Rice Into a Violence-Free Environment in spring 2015. The group seeks to promote healthy relationships and connect students with resources on campus and is hoping to enact change following the release of results of the Survey on Unwanted Sexual Experiences.

Rice Gallery debuts new exhibit

(09/30/15 10:18am)

A six-foot cube hangs from the ceiling in the center of the gallery, with a single light bulb suspended in the middle of the box. Together, they manage to fill the entire space, from ceiling to floor, with patterned shadows that are composed of lines and geometric shapes. The details of the cube are defined and delicate, but they become distorted as they fill the rest of the room; the patterns are stretched and expanded on the walls. It is impossible to step into the gallery without becoming yet another piece of the art: The light and shadow from the center of the room are cast onto the viewer’s body, while the viewer’s shadow is thrown to the floor and the wall behind them.

Fantastic Wines and Where to Find Them

(04/08/15 10:13am)

Tired of beer? Freaked out by Franzia? According to a class-action lawsuit filed last Thursday, student favorites Franzia and Charles Shaw may have up to five times the amount of arsenic the EPA allows in drinking water. So given the alternatives, now seems like a better time than ever to highlight some of top low-cost bottles available at the local Spec’s, HEB and even Target.

Album Review: Rice Alum's "Mixmaster"

(03/25/15 10:30am)

Anthony Kellems likens his debut rap album, Mixmaster, to a basketball game: It starts with a pregame forecast in which announcers discuss the forthcoming album’s potential. The record is then split into two distinct sides representing halves of a basketball game, separated by a heavy metal guitar solo “halftime show”- and the back-and-forth, slow- and fast-paced tempo changes in Kellems’ verses evoke the ebb and flow of the game. Don’t be fooled, though – this is no tight concept album, a la Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d. city. Instead, it is a loosely connected series of upstart and rambunctious rap tracks that solidify the Rice alumnus (Hanszen ’05, M.A. ’07, Ph.D. ’10) as one of the genre’s foremost Christian rappers. However, while God is consistently present on the record, it is done in a way that asks more questions than provides answers.

Khun Kay offers affordable vegetarian-friendly fare

(03/25/15 10:20am)

Supartra Yooto and Kay Soodjai have experience when it comes to serving Asian food in the Houston area. The Thai sisters-in-law opened their first restaurant, a popular Chinese spot called the Golden Room, on Montrose in 1982. When it came time to renovate in 2008, they simply tore it down and returned to their roots with the “fast casual” Thai restaurant Khun Kay. The website claims the restaurant offers “most of the Golden Room’s menu with the same superb quality, but with reduced prices.” With pad thai as cheap as $7 a plate and a plate of excellent curry for only $8, reduced prices are certainly a plus. But beyond the low prices, Khun Kay’s extensive vegetarian menu and rotating list of specialties set it far above other counter-service Asian eateries. 

Collina's fails to deliver high-quality Italian cuisine

(03/18/15 10:25am)

Nestled in a strip mall on Richmond Avenue, Collina’s Italian Cafe looks as inviting as any Italian restaurant. Families and couples chatter over bottles of wine, cooks stir enormous pots of pasta and waiters bustle between the indoor seating and the tables outside on the patio. The affable service, homey red-checkered tablecloths and BYOB policy all add to Collina’s laid-back, neighborhood-Italian-joint atmosphere. It would be all too perfect if Collina’s cooks turned out food that matched their idyllic atmosphere. Unfortunately, Collina’s pastas are far from the heavenly spaghettis and linguinis of superior trattorias; the rustic chicken dishes miss out on the buttery charm that pervades quality Italian cooking. Even the pizzas, the centerpiece of Collina’s menu, seem bland in comparison to the bold and fresh flavors other pizzerias draw from their pies.