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New Year’s Resolutions: Making the most of our time at Rice

(01/09/19 4:00am)

Some might find the emphasis on calendar year changeovers cheesy and arbitrary. They’re probably right, but we also think the new year is a great opportunity for goal-setting, reflection and growth — actions that are valuable year-round. Here are some of our simple and attainable resolutions that can help you make the most of your time on campus in 2019!

Baker 13: The Rice tradition that leaves its mark

(10/31/18 5:21am)

It’s said around the world that Friday the 13ths are unlucky — but they’re especially unlucky for any Rice student who decides to use the evening to get some peace and quiet. More likely than not, their tranquility will be disturbed by the thumps of rear-ends slamming walls, and their view will be obstructed by indecent drawings made in shaving cream. Lastly, their ears will be filled with an army’s rallying cry: “JOOOOOOOIN US!”

Push to the Polls: Clubs and leaders work to get out the vote as registration deadline approaches

(10/03/18 4:37am)

In the 2016 presidential election, 43 percent of eligible voters ages 18 to 24 cast ballots across the country. In Texas, only 27.3 percent of eligible voters in the same age group voted. And these turnout rates, which are much lower than turnout for older groups, are by no means outliers — historically, young people don’t vote. That is especially true for Texas.

A weight is lifted: Students react to The Rice Investment

(09/26/18 6:56am)

Last week, Rice announced The Rice Investment — a groundbreaking financial aid plan set to begin in fall 2019. The announcement of The Rice Investment elicited emotional Tweets, Instagram stories, and a post in the Rice University Places I’ve Cried Facebook Page. Here are three students on the moment they went online and saw the news.