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News in Brief: Rice to purchase Rice Village Arcade Shopping Center

(02/20/14 11:56am)

The Rice Management Company, a division of Rice University that is responsible for managing the school’s endowment, is in the process of acquiring the Village Arcade Shopping Center, located in Rice Village, from current owner Weingarten Realty Investors, according to company president Allison Thacker (Baker ’96). 

Navran for SA president

(02/10/14 6:00pm)

This year's Student Association presidential debate provided a forum for the candidates to answer questions posed both by the Thresher and by audience members. After hearing the candidates' responses to questions on topics ranging from communication to constitutional amendments, the Thresher believes McMurtry College junior Trent Navran articulated the strongest vision for SA presidential leadership. During the debates, Navran emphasized the importance of empowering students to become advocates for change. Combined with his clear knowledge of issues that students find important such as on-campus housing, employing more faculty and building a new student center, Navran sparked confidence in his ability to serve students' needs from the presidential seat. Though Lovett College junior Min Ji Kim showed a great amount of passion for engaging with students and implementing a new anonymous comment feature on the SA website, she failed to articulate clear and relevant answers to the more substantive questions asked during the debate. In addition, Navran showed humility when he admitted a lack of knowledge of the proposed constitutional amendments while Kim dismissed them as minor changes and inconsequential to the student body. The Thresher would also like to note that the joke candidate, Martel College senior Denis Leahy, raised important points about student advocacy at Rice and the role of the SA. Whoever assumes the role of SA president should make it a goal to reaffirm the SA's position as an advocate for the student body's concerns instead of merely as a mediator between the students and the administration. Unsigned editorials represent the majority opinion of the Thresher editorial staff. All other opinion pieces represent solely the opinion of the piece's author.

Beer Bike parade will increase college spirit

(02/10/14 6:00pm)

The Thresher staff is excited to see a return of past Beer Bike traditions in response to student feedback on last year's changes (see story, p. 1). The elimination of the second water balloon fight and the re-inclusion of the float parade aligns the upcoming Beer Bike with past Beer Bikes. The second balloon fight seemed an unnecessary extension to the first fight. Some colleges did not have enough balloons leftover from the first fight and thus shamefully withdrew from the fight. Some students also did not want to participate in the second balloon fight altogether in favor of food and rest.The parade of floats will provide a more exciting move to the stadium and will hopefully encourage more students to make the trek out to the Beer Bike track. Students will be able to carry the enthusiasm from the first balloon fight through the parade as they process down the inner loop to the bike races. Floats will also give students another opportunity to show their college pride, and the parade hearkens back to the tradition of Beer Bikes of yesteryear. The Thresher hopes this parade will be formatted to avoid problems such as liability for injuries on the trucks or large financial expenses.We hope these changes will be organized and planned well enough to create a lasting tradition, rather than subjecting Beer Bike to more logistical changes in the future. Unsigned editorials represent the majority opinion of the Thresher editorial staff. All other opinion pieces represent solely the opinion of the piece's author.

Veritas Forum 2014- Troy Van Voorhis

(02/04/14 6:00pm)

Troy Van Voorhis, a chemistry professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, discussed what it is like to be both a Christian and a scientist in his talk, "Walking Through the Lab Door," on Jan. 29. The Veritas Forum, a multi-campus organization which, according to their website, aims at creating dialogue among students and faculty about life's difficult questions and Christ's relevance to life, hosted the talk.

Students should participate in government at Rice

(02/04/14 6:00pm)

The Thresher would like to see more participation from students in the upcoming General Elections. We were disappointed to see that only one race is contested - Student Association president - and that one race does not even have any candidates - SA internal vice president. Many people like to complain about issues on campus, yet often fail to step up and take on leadership positions where they could affect change. We encourage students to get involved in the SA in addition to college government and other extracurricular activities. The SA deals with issues that affect students across campus and is an important part of student government. Anyone involved in college government already has experience looking out for the interests of their peers and should consider running for an office in the SA. Additionally, students should not be discouraged from running for an SA position if they have not held an office within the SA before. The SA always needs people who are committed to and passionate about serving the Rice student body. We commend the SA for making progress this year. It has consistently listened to student concerns and addressed issues that are important to students. It has made the process of voicing concerns easy and effective. This should only encourage more students to get involved in the SA. When the opportunity is presented to influence and determine policies, students should take it.We look forward to the SA presidential debates on Monday, Feb. 10 at 9 p.m. Debates are a great way to hear what the candidates have to say, where they stand on important issues and what they want to accomplish. Students should strongly consider attending the debates or follow the Thresher's coverage of the event.The SA works best when students care enough to get involved. When students step into leadership positions, they have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of their peers; more Rice students should consider it. Unsigned editorials represent the majority opinion of the Thresher editorial staff. All other opinion pieces represent solely the opinion of the piece's author.

General Elections 2014: Meet the candidates

(02/04/14 6:00pm)

Trent NavranAt Rice, I've been able to grow, challenge myself and open my eyes to infinite learning, both academic and experiential. I take pride in being a Rice student, and from the start have sought to make a positive impact in the Rice community. As a New Student Representative in the SA, I collaborated with residential college leadership to evaluate how to foster a culture that stimulates intellectual curiosity and challenges students' worldviews, ideas and aspirations. As a Senator, I formed the Entrepreneurship Collaborative, an entity that brings together student leaders, administrators and key faculty to improve programs that foster leadership development and entrepreneurial opportunities. These experiences allowed me to deepen my love for this university and affect tangible change on campus.I hope to be your SA President for one simple reason: I want to ensure that Rice students feel empowered to own their college experience and realize the positive changes they may hope to make. Be it alleviating parking concerns through construction of a parking garage or rethinking how Rice online courses can enhance academics, I'll ensure that students are involved in administrative planning. Valuing transparency, communication and widespread participation, I'll expand and publicize the SA's new online petitioning system, which has the potential to magnify student initiatives, receive administrative responses and action, and hopefully put change in the hands of invested students. It would be an incredible honor to serve the Rice student body in this way, and I would be grateful to have your support.What do you see as the most important issue for Rice undergraduates right now, and what would you do as president to address it?I see issues such as creating a new Student Center, improving parking, and solving capacity problems within housing and academics as key concerns, but ultimately think that the overarching problem for undergraduates is actually having the ability and resources to address these issues. As president, I would improve the flow of information, ideas, and input between residential colleges and the Student Association to ensure that any student who desires to collaborate on pressing issues is able to contribute thoughts and learn about tangible ways to make change happen. Moreover, I will expand an online petitioning system to gain valuable campus-wide perspective on key student issues and work to make student interactions with administration more transparent, democratic, and influential. Min Ji Kim"We are stronger together." Rice Athletics has the "Together" campaign rallying the Rice community to support our athletes. It motivated us to achieve victories including the 2013 C-USA football championship. Using this great campaign as a model, I will focus on bringing our community together to foster more discussion from the student body as your SA President, but I can't reach this goal by myself. I need YOUR input. Throughout my experience in the SA, I learned how to work with the administration and how to reach out to my peers. Last year, as a SA Senator, I worked with Fondren Library to have its hours extend 24/7 during finals. This was only possible after listening to a student's concern over the hours before the change. Currently, I serve as a SA Student Life Committee Chair. A few of the projects that the committee is working on are offering a shuttle service to off-campus students and revamping the International Student Association.To be a SA President who gets work done, I need to listen to the student body and meet with various people. I would implement an anonymous input system on the SA website, which I would check daily. I would attend cabinet meetings and have "office hours" during meals at colleges to talk to my fellow Rice owls. I have the experience and dedication to be an effective SA President, and I need YOUR support so that we can work together to enhance the Rice experience.What do you see as the most important issue for Rice undergraduates right now, and what would you do as president to address it? From my experience as a Rice owl, I realize that the university is not united enough around being a Rice Owl. Rice Owls can successfully advocate issues when they are behind the same cause. I will aim to create one big community amongst the university. To achieve this, I need to listen to my fellow Rice Owls and this can be done by implementing an anonymous input system on the SA website, going to cabinet meetings, promoting SA's petition system, and having  "office hours" at colleges. I would continue to seek advice on how Rice can be more unified. More importantly, I will constantly be looking for things to improve upon. I will not be focusing the presidency around one just issue. I expect to focus on more issues by listening to students' concerns and working with the SA Exec board, officers (senators, committee chairs, directors), and college presidents.  Referendums on the General Elections ballot:Ratify the new SA constitutionThe Committee on Constitutional Revisions reviewed the current constitution, revised it to reflect the current operations of the Student Association and removed outdated rules and procedures. This referendum will approve the revised constitution. The committee rewrote the document to eliminate ambiguous language and contradictions. The constitution document will also include the bylaws and will be organized by topic in order to increase user-friendliness.Rice Environmental Society blanket taxRES has proposed an annual $9 blanket tax per student. RES's mission is to address issues relating to sustainability and the environment and to further the SA's 100-year Sustainability plan. Funding from the blanket tax would cover the costs of club-sponsored sustainability projects. Rice Catalyst blanket taxRice Catalyst has proposed an annual $1 blanket tax per student. The Blanket Tax Standing Committee also recommended a sunset clause that would require the organization to apply for renewal of the tax after three years. An undergraduate scientific research journal, the Catalyst will use the tax to cover publication and TedxRiceU costs. If the Rice Catalyst receives blanket tax funding, it will become a subsidiary of the SA.Honor Council Constitution amendmentThe Honor Council proposed to amend the Constitution of the Honor System by removing Article XII, Section 1 and Article XXI. Under these articles, students accused of an Honor Code violation have the option to withdraw from Rice for two semesters instead of going through the court process. The Honor Council proposed this amendment in part because it believes that the articles in question could potentially allow students to escape the consequences of their actions. The SA presidential candidate statements abover were submitted by the candidates to the SA Director of Elections. Statements from candidates running for other positions can be viewed at

News in Brief: Spanish Course Revisions

(01/27/14 6:00pm)

The professional Spanish courses cancelled for this semester will be available again in the fall, according to Dean of Humanities Nicolas Shumway and Director of the Center for the Study of Languages Rafael Salaberry. At the Jan. 27 Student Senate meeting, Lovett College President Christian Neal and Will Rice College Senator Cynthia Bau reported that Shumway and Salaberry thought the core of the cancelled courses did not meet Rice standards and are currently being revised to include an emphasis in linguistics and correct usage rather than vocabulary memorization. Interest has been expressed in connecting students with internships and other opportunities through these professional classes. For more information, visit

Catalyst should get blanket tax, RES needs clarification

(01/27/14 6:00pm)

The Thresher supports the Catalyst's request for $1 in blanket tax funds (see story, p. 1). As Rice's only undergraduate scientific research journal, the Catalyst publishes unique content and emphasizes Rice's commitment to giving undergraduates research opportunities. We understand the costs that go into producing a publication and think their request is reasonable.The Thresher would like to see further clarification from the Rice Environmental Society, which applied for a $9 blanket tax, as to how its funds would be allocated (see story, p. 1). RES's mission to fund environmental projects is commendable. We also support the idea that students could initiate their own projects. However, we see it as potentially problematic that all the groups in the organization would have access to the same money. It seems plausible that one person or group could monopolize all the funds. Before granting RES $9 in blanket tax funding, we would like to see some sort of checks and balances system implemented or a more clearly defined method of appropriating money. Unsigned editorials represent the majority opinion of the Thresher editorial staff. All other opinion pieces represent solely the opinion of the piece's author.

Honor Council referendum allows for fair punishments

(01/27/14 6:00pm)

The Thresher supports the referendum on the SA general election ballot to remove Article XII, Section 1 from the Constitution of the Honor System, (see story, p. 1). As it currently stands, this article serves as a get-out-of-jail-free card, allowing students to withdraw from Rice for two semesters after being accused of an Honor Code violation while avoiding further investigation and potentially stricter punishment. If a student commits a violation warranting a punishment stricter than a two-semester suspension, he or she should receive that sentence. 

Hanszen and Lovett announce new masters

(01/20/14 6:00pm)

Jose Onuchic is the Harry C. and Olga K. Wiess Professor in Physics and Astronomy, the Co-Director of the Center for Theoretical Biological Physics and a professor of chemistryMayra Onuchic is the program administrator of Brazil Programs for Brasil@Rice. Rice Thresher: How did you get involved with Lovett College?Mayra Onuchic: It was a wonderful surprise. As soon as Jose came to Rice, he was invited to become an associate with Lovett, and he started going to the events. Once I moved here, I also started participating and becoming involved and hosting dinners.  What are some traditions that you like?Jose Onuchic: We liked everything. We like the students and the faculty. The college government tries to be as independent as possible, and you're much more in an advisory role than actually deciding details all the time, which we felt would match for us. I think we felt the residential college system at Rice is a great tradition, and I think there are lots of very interesting activities like Beer Bike that create a lot of spirit. Do you plan on going to the track when Beer Bike happens?Mayra: Oh, definitely. [laughs]Jose: We'll be there. We want to change our lives a little bit. What do you hope to bring to Lovett?Jose: I have been very involved in science in my life. So I think I can create a lot of good academic tradition and help students in terms of doing these things. I think a great part of being a master is that you hope to advise and teach them and help them but hope they do the same thing to you; that they teach you, they advise you and you learn from the new generation. Mayra: In terms of coming from a diverse background, we are bringing a lot more diversity, a lot of different culture and different languages.Jose: We haven't yet decided if Portuguese will become the official language of Lovett.  Do you have any pets, children or other family members that will be joining you at the master's house?Mayra: Yes, one of my sons will joining us. My oldest son is a student at St. Thomas now, and he'll be coming to live with us over here at Lovett. We also have three boys. Right now, the three of them are here. My middle son teaches math at the Kinkaid School here in Houston. I think they all, when they're around, will be very involved with the college. And we have an English bulldog. His name is Rei, which means "king" in Portuguese. What do you do for fun?Mayra: I really enjoy the outdoors. I used to do a lot of hiking. I'm getting familiar with some of the trails, some of the places here. I enjoy reading. I enjoy biking.I really try to also spend some time listening to music. I really enjoy Brazilian pop music. And I also enjoy cooking.Jose: I like the outside like she does. Basically, we love, every morning, to go running or walking around the campus, or at least four or five days of the week. I used to love travel, but now I travel so much for business that I love to stay home. We also like to entertain people. We love social events. That's one that makes us excited to become masters because that's something we can also be involved in.  What are some of your favorite activities at Rice?Jose: I love teaching undergrads, and I have been teaching the lower division; that's why I'm teaching PHYS 125 and 126. But what I really like is staying in my lab working on research. That's something I really like to do, and I think being a master, now I can avoid the awful administration jobs.Mayra: I really enjoy my interaction with the students here at Rice. I do a lot of support for the Brazilian students. And because my office is like an umbrella of the Office of International Students and Scholars, I really get a chance to interact with a lot of international students and the entire OISS staff.  What are some Lovett traditions you are looking forward to?Jose: There are many traditions that Lovett helped to create. I don't know all the details of them, but I think they have a special way of interacting with the community by having strong associates that get involved. I see at associates' nights, there's always a special occasion, a special show and stuff like that that you want to do. I want to be involved with all the sports activities; I really just want to be around the students and the cheering and play because it creates a good spirit, not only of interacting with students of Lovett, but alsow with students of other colleges. This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

International efforts prove beneficial despite narrow scope

(01/20/14 6:00pm)

The Thresher is pleased to see the administration's effort to include a more diverse group of students from around the world, namely through new exchange programs in France, South Korea and Denmark, as well as the Brasil@Rice on-campus program (see story, p. 1). They provide a different perspective to the undergraduate experience and enrich cultural life.While we think the directive to increase the international student population is good, simply increasing the percentage of international students does not necessarily make Rice more diverse. Rice should seek out a variety of international groups rather than simply focusing on students from one region or country.While Rice has done a fine job gathering a diverse student body, we would like to see more effort put toward promoting social integration between international and exchange students and domestic students. International students come a long way from their homes to be a part of the American education system, which includes not only academics, but also social experiences. Likewise, students from the United States may come to Rice for its diverse student body. Rice students should take advantage of the opportunity to interact with diverse cultural groups and learn from their peers.Rice should be a place for a cultural education as well as an academic one. Unsigned editorials represent the majority opinion of the Thresher editorial staff. All other opinion pieces represent solely the opinion of the piece's author.