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NEWS 9/22/11 7:00pm

Student works to become Marine

Like any student nearing graduation, Lovett College junior Bianca Bealessio was contemplating what she would do with her chemical engineering major. To her, there were not many options. She could make money in industry – like the major oil companies – or she could make more money in industry. Neither option held much pull on her.

NEWS 9/22/11 7:00pm

Rice students design new Menil addition

The Menil Collection — a world class museum located five minutes from campus — has offered Rice University architecture students an opportunity to go beyond just being students, with a commissioned piece to build a cafe.

NEWS 9/22/11 7:00pm

Sid Rich's '80s party is a success with no transports or fire alarms

Bright colors and spandex abounded on campus last Saturday when around 2,000 students attended Sid Richardson College's annual '80s party. Typically one of the year's most popular public parties, Sid '80s again featured the live '80s cover band Molly & the Ringwalds, who played in the college's commons for the duration of the event.

NEWS 9/22/11 7:00pm

Language courses remodeled

Foreign languages at Rice are getting a makeover. Because Rice students are behind in language study compared with other universities, 100-level language courses will now meet for five hours per week instead of three.

NEWS 9/22/11 7:00pm

RUPD Police Blotter

The following items were reported to the Rice University Police Department for the period Sept. 7-19.

NEWS 9/14/11 7:00pm

OWL-Space goes mobile

The Information Technology department released an upgraded mobile web browser for OWL-Space. Now, anyone using a smart mobile device – from iPhones to Blackberries – can access a new version of the site that automatically senses what type of device is being used and then loads the relevant mobile-friendly display.

NEWS 9/14/11 7:00pm

RechargeU hours extended

Students looking for an after-dinner snack just got another option. For the week of Oct. 2-8, RechargeU, the campus convenience store located in the Rice Memorial Center, is extending its hours for a trial "Student Hours Week."