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NEWS 9/30/15 5:11am

Rice to invest $150 million in tech research initiatives

Rice University President David Leebron announced a $150 million investment in strategic research initiatives last week. The three-part investment will fund Rice’s molecular nanotechnology research, establish a program in data sciences and promote a broad range of research competitiveness across the university, Leebron said. The investment draws from a combination of endowment, philanthropy and reallocation of resources.

NEWS 9/30/15 5:00am

Breakfast opens 15 minutes early

Students struggling to fit that most important meal of the day in before an 8 a.m. class can now enjoy a more relaxed breakfast thanks to a change in servery hours. Both West and Baker Serveries have begun opening their doors at 7:15 a.m. for continental breakfast, according to Student Association Senator Hannah Todd.

NEWS 9/30/15 4:50am

Survey on Unwanted Sexual Experiences results prompt discussion

The Rice Women’s Resource Center hosted a discussion on the results of the Survey on Unwanted Sexual Experiences, drawing undergraduate and graduate students as well as members of the administration. RWRC Co-Directors Cristell Perez and Sam Love organized and moderated the event on Wednesday, two days after the results were released.

NEWS 9/30/15 4:31am

KTRU returning to air after four years

Rice University’s student-run radio station, KTRU, will begin broadcasting on 96.1 FM on Friday, Oct. 2, according to a station press release. KTRU has been on 90.1 HD2, a digital format, since the sale of its previous FM frequency in 2011.

NEWS 9/29/15 4:36am

Rice remains top 5 in Niche ranking

Rice retained its No. 5 spot in the ranking of overall best college in America from Niche.com, which considers both quantitative numbers and student reviews. It ranked No. 10 for best value.

NEWS 9/29/15 4:32am

RTV rebrands, becomes Rice Video Productions

Rice Television is currently in the process of rebranding to Rice Video Productions, according to promotional materials put out by the organization.This is not the first time that the organization has changed its moniker. Until 2002, RTV was known as Rice Broadcast Television. Though the rebranding has precedent, it has not yet confirmed that the rebranding will occur. The rebranding must be approved by the Student Association in order for the change to be official, although the organization has gone through the process of changing its public image. According to SA Treasurer Sai Chilakapati, the rebranding has not yet been approved by the Senate.According to Patrick Huang, current station manager of RVP, the updated name is meant to better represent what the organization does.“It better encompasses what we do as an organization: produce a variety of different student video productions ranging from creative short films to documentary-style interviews and coverage of events run by other student organizations,” Huang, a Baker College senior, said.“With the ever ­increasing popularity of YouTube and online streaming services, the word ‘television’ has become outdated. We have been working on transitioning from being a solely television-based station to one that encompasses all kinds of video productions and maintains an online presence, and we wanted our name to reflect this transition.”According to Jeremy Kao, the RVP programming director, this shift will not come with a radical change in the services provided by RTV, as the organization has had an online presence through both its website and Facebook page.“The name change does not change our purpose or goals as an organization, and it will not affect our viewers,” Kao, a Hanszen College junior, said.The organization’s goal of creating a more modern public image and better connect with new students appears to be working so far, as Kao said RVP had noticed a marked increase in student interest during its fall recruiting sessions.This rebranding comes on the heels of a new blanket tax allocation method approved last spring. The new blanket tax allows for SA subsidiaries to better obtain an appropriate budget each year, instead of being locked in for multiple years at a time. The new name may lead to complications under this method, as RVP’s budget approved last spring was very similar to that of years’ past.“I cannot comment with certainty that there will be financial changes after rebranding,” Chilakapati said. “It will also be made note of so that the future treasurer, during the blanket tax process, does not mistake a change in budget as improper spending.”

NEWS 9/28/15 7:21pm

Leebron named chair of Internet2 trustee board

Rice University President David Leebron has been elected as the newest chair on the board of trustees of Internet2, an advanced technology organization that operates the largest research and education network in the nation. He will take over the position beginning Nov. 1, according to the Rice News and Media release.The nonprofit organization was founded by the nation’s leading higher education institutions, and according to its website, provides services for over 93,000 institutions across the U.S. Among its member institutions are 282 universities, 66 government agencies, 42 regional and state education networks, 86 leading corporations and more than 65 national research and education networking partners representing over 100 countries.“Internet 2 is a critical and remarkably innovative organization that is assuring we will have the connectivity, security and services that higher education and industry need for the research and education endeavors of the future,” Leebron said. “I am excited to become more involved in it.”Leebron will serve as vice chair to a 15-member board of trustees that includes university presidents, chief information officers, network researchers, discipline researchers and industry partners. The board, which is elected by representatives from member organizations, seeks to provide strategic direction, leadership and oversight to the Internet2 community.

NEWS 9/25/15 2:35pm

IT plans fix for problems with campus Internet

Rice University’s network system software will be updated in the early morning of Saturday, Sept. 26 to resolve a bug that has resulted in three Internet connection outages in the past week, according to several emails sent to faculty and staff by the Office of Information Technology.Mike Dewey, IT’s Director of Campus Services, said in an email that the network problems originated with changes made over the summer as part of Rice’s efforts to upgrade its network to a new version called RiceNet3.“This summer as part of the RiceNet3 project, we installed a new set of hardware equipment at the border of our network,” Dewey said. “This hardware improved both bandwidth and security of our network connections. However, we learned that the equipment has a bug.”According to Dewey, the equipment vendor supplied IT with a new software version on Monday, Sept. 21, which will be installed on Saturday between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. During this period, all Internet access on campus will be interrupted, Dewey said.“If you are on campus, you will not be able to reach outside services such as Google, Facebook, CNN.com, Netflix, etc,” Dewey said. “On-campus services [such as Rice WebMail and Owlspace] will remain accessible by people on-campus during this time.”Dewey also said police and EMS dispatching services and the phone system will remain in operation.According to alerts on IT’s website, internet outages occurred on Sunday, Sept. 20, on Tuesday, Sept. 22, and on Thursday, Sept. 24. The longest outage, on Sunday, lasted approximately an hour, from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

NEWS 9/23/15 5:31am

Sexual Misconduct Survey at Rice

According to Rice’s Survey on Unwanted Sexual Experiences, 18.9 percent of female and 4.9 percent of male graduate and undergraduate students have experienced unwanted sexual contact in their time at Rice.

NEWS 9/23/15 5:28am

New club to sell unused produce, reduce food waste

When the Rice Community Growers first came together after their community garden class, they had a simple mission in mind: create a small operation that supplies locally grown produce to the community on one end and generates profit for Rice gardens on the other.

NEWS 9/23/15 5:27am

Rice students, faculty join Houston activists for Black Lives Matter event

Professor of religious studies Anthony Pinn spoke to community members, including several Rice students, as a panelist at a Black Lives Matter event hosted by the Houston chapter of the movement. The event, entitled #BLMHTX, took place at St. John’s United Methodist Church on Friday night and featured an art exhibit, artist talks and a panel discussion with artists, religious leaders, activists and academics.

NEWS 9/23/15 5:11am

Professors reflect on distribution classes

Any Rice undergraduate who has sought academic advice from other students will more likely than not have heard the words “easy distribution credit.” It should come as no surprise that positively skewed grade distributions, light work loads and generous course reviews are tantalizing features to students looking to knock out graduation requirements. From the student’s point of view, it is entirely clear why taking a low effort “blow off” instead of a more demanding course is a desirable, even strategic option.

NEWS 9/19/15 4:20pm

Committee to Gauge Opinion on Campus Concealed Carry

The issue of  gun laws has come to Texas campuses in the form of Senate Bill 11. SB11, which passed in the Texas Legislature in early June, states that the concealed carry of firearms will be legalized on all public and private university campuses statewide come August 2016.