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News in Brief: Rice to purchase Rice Village Arcade Shopping Center

(02/20/14 5:56pm)

The Rice Management Company, a division of Rice University that is responsible for managing the school’s endowment, is in the process of acquiring the Village Arcade Shopping Center, located in Rice Village, from current owner Weingarten Realty Investors, according to company president Allison Thacker (Baker ’96). 

Navran for SA president

(02/11/14 12:00am)

This year's Student Association presidential debate provided a forum for the candidates to answer questions posed both by the Thresher and by audience members. After hearing the candidates' responses to questions on topics ranging from communication to constitutional amendments, the Thresher believes McMurtry College junior Trent Navran articulated the strongest vision for SA presidential leadership. 

Beer Bike parade will increase college spirit

(02/11/14 12:00am)

The Thresher staff is excited to see a return of past Beer Bike traditions in response to student feedback on last year's changes (see story, p. 1). The elimination of the second water balloon fight and the re-inclusion of the float parade aligns the upcoming Beer Bike with past Beer Bikes. The second balloon fight seemed an unnecessary extension to the first fight. Some colleges did not have enough balloons leftover from the first fight and thus shamefully withdrew from the fight. Some students also did not want to participate in the second balloon fight altogether in favor of food and rest.

Veritas Forum 2014- Troy Van Voorhis

(02/05/14 12:00am)

Troy Van Voorhis, a chemistry professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, discussed what it is like to be both a Christian and a scientist in his talk, "Walking Through the Lab Door," on Jan. 29. The Veritas Forum, a multi-campus organization which, according to their website, aims at creating dialogue among students and faculty about life's difficult questions and Christ's relevance to life, hosted the talk.

Students should participate in government at Rice

(02/05/14 12:00am)

The Thresher would like to see more participation from students in the upcoming General Elections. We were disappointed to see that only one race is contested - Student Association president - and that one race does not even have any candidates - SA internal vice president. Many people like to complain about issues on campus, yet often fail to step up and take on leadership positions where they could affect change. 

Honor Council referendum allows for fair punishments

(01/28/14 12:00am)

The Thresher supports the referendum on the SA general election ballot to remove Article XII, Section 1 from the Constitution of the Honor System, (see story, p. 1). As it currently stands, this article serves as a get-out-of-jail-free card, allowing students to withdraw from Rice for two semesters after being accused of an Honor Code violation while avoiding further investigation and potentially stricter punishment. If a student commits a violation warranting a punishment stricter than a two-semester suspension, he or she should receive that sentence.