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Students should participate in government at Rice

By Rice Thresher Staff     2/4/14 6:00pm

The Thresher would like to see more participation from students in the upcoming General Elections. We were disappointed to see that only one race is contested - Student Association president - and that one race does not even have any candidates - SA internal vice president. Many people like to complain about issues on campus, yet often fail to step up and take on leadership positions where they could affect change. 

We encourage students to get involved in the SA in addition to college government and other extracurricular activities. The SA deals with issues that affect students across campus and is an important part of student government. 

Anyone involved in college government already has experience looking out for the interests of their peers and should consider running for an office in the SA. Additionally, students should not be discouraged from running for an SA position if they have not held an office within the SA before. The SA always needs people who are committed to and passionate about serving the Rice student body. 

We commend the SA for making progress this year. It has consistently listened to student concerns and addressed issues that are important to students. It has made the process of voicing concerns easy and effective. This should only encourage more students to get involved in the SA. When the opportunity is presented to influence and determine policies, students should take it.

We look forward to the SA presidential debates on Monday, Feb. 10 at 9 p.m. Debates are a great way to hear what the candidates have to say, where they stand on important issues and what they want to accomplish. Students should strongly consider attending the debates or follow the Thresher's coverage of the event.

The SA works best when students care enough to get involved. When students step into leadership positions, they have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of their peers; more Rice students should consider it.


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