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Monday, April 15, 2024 — Houston, TX

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Rapper Fat Tony to visit Willy's Pub for "Beats and Beer" event

(11/06/13 12:00am)

Houston-area rapper Fat Tony returns to Rice University Thursday, Nov. 7 for the second "Beats and Beer" event of the year. This follow-up event to early October's successful twerk-filled KTRU event will feature an entirely different sector of the Houston rap scene represented by local favorite Fat Tony and exciting upstart The Aspiring Me.


(04/11/13 12:00am)

"Now y'all know that Bernie confessed, don't you," Carthage, Texas District Attorney Buck Owens is quoted saying in a January 1998 issue of Texas Monthly. He was referring to the murder of Marjorie Nugent and Bernhardt "Bernie" Tiede II's subsequent confession to the crime, but mostly Owens raises an important question for the townspeople of Carthage: How could they so readily forgive a man guilty shooting of an 81-year-old widow and storing her remains in her own freezer?


(03/22/13 12:00am)

Within the first few minutes of watching the Korean thriller Oldboy (2003), it will seem like the English subtitles have been mistranslated. How else could you explain the fact that within a few scenes of the opening, the fairy-wing-clad protagonist Oh Dae-su is arrested, bailed out, kidnapped, framed for murder and finally detained for 15 years without the slightest transcribed clue as to why? The narrative soon informs us, however, that this is not a translation error: These strange events are the mysteries that drive this intricate and mystery-filled narrative.


(03/14/13 12:00am)

In two months, a quarter of the Rice population is destined to confront the real world for the first time. In this strange new post-collegiate world, not having a summer job rapidly translates into unemployment. Going through this exact same dilemma is Adventureland's (2009) central character James Brennan (Jesse Eisenberg). 


(03/08/13 12:00am)

"All you can do is pray for a quick death, which you ain't gonna get," says the tortuous Mr. Blonde in Quentin Tarantino's 1992 directorial debut, Reservoir Dogs. As these sadistic words come out of the dancing psychopath's mouth, you realize that this movie is in an elite sphere of films that force you to question the bounds of human violence. Reservoir Dogs became available on Netflix instant streaming this January, and a retrospective viewing of this now timeless classic reveals how this modern master started his genre-spawning career.

Rice Student-Run Businesses Changeover

(01/17/13 12:00am)

Running a business is no easy task. To do so successfully requires tireless effort, energy and creativity. Managing a full course load at the same time seems downright scary. This, however, was the challenge Martel College sophomore Mattie Pena took on after becoming the new general manager of The Hoot. Pena, who is pursuing a major in linguistics with a business minor, served as The Hoot's product development manager last fall, a role that saw her manage The Hoot's inventory, products and nighttime specials. She was hired as general manager this spring, replacing Will Rice College senior Justin Sable, who had spent the last two years in the position.

Weekend Escape: Austin Music Festivals

(11/16/12 12:00am)

The official slogan of the city of Austin, Texas, is "The Live Music Capital of the World." Bolstered by the widely syndicated public broadcast program Austin City Limits and some of the nation's best-known music festivals, Austin certainly tries to make this claim a reality. Fortunately for Rice students, this often means acts will schedule a tour stop in Houston. Sometimes, however, the draw of large headlining acts and multiple days of nonstop music is enough to pull Rice students out from within the hedges toward this live-music mecca.


(11/02/12 12:00am)

"Who dressed up as a police officer? Is this legit[imate]?" After you discover that your friend at the door is actually not a Nintendo character, but an officer from the Rice University Police Department, you begin to panic. You see alcohol all around you but cannot decide what to do next. Since Orientation Week, you have been taught that compliance is important, but what does that actually mean? You hand over your student ID, and the officer swiftly writes down that terribly unfortunate number. What happens now?

All of the Lights

(10/19/12 12:00am)

The Spectacle had three official showings on Saturday and an encore performance on Sunday for a total run time of one hour, and for most of us that was our first experience with the growing new art form known as "projection mapping." However, the Spectacle was not the only chance to see this fusion of architecture and light design on Saturday night - immediately after the final showing, undergraduate students filed into Anderson Hall for the Architectronica public party, where once again, images flooded the architectural space in tune to music. And while their impressive projects coincided last Saturday, their connection fruns deeper.