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Overcoming Failure and Imposter Syndrome: A Conversation with Matthew Hayes

(03/06/19 4:45am)

This is the first of a series that covers Rice professors and alumni and their paths to success. These are the unheard stories behind the successes that we see: the failure, disappointment and mishaps along the way. We start by talking to Matthew Hayes, professor of political science at Rice. In the Political Science department, he is one of the youngest faculty members and the only black faculty. 

Rice students express disappointment, optimism after midterm elections

(11/07/18 6:31pm)

As election results rolled in around 10 p.m., many students watching in the Rice Memorial Center Grand Hall expressed disappointment with the defeat of midterm election candidates Beto O’Rourke, who lost by 2.6 percent to Republican incumbent Ted Cruz, and Todd Litton, who lost by 7.6 percent to Dan Crenshaw, in races for the United States Senate and House of Representatives, respectively. But some students also said they are choosing to focus on the increased voter engagement during the 2018 midterm elections. 

Our political act is learning

(01/18/17 2:00pm)

I was horrified to see the vandalism of the Berlin Wall segment. Frustrated. Ashamed. Disgusted. Disappointed. It’s a crude, ignorant abuse of a monumental piece of history that encourages us to reflect on our past mistakes. Unfortunately, it reminds us that the hatred and discrimination that divided Germany in the early 20th century still haunts us today in the 21st century. But I refuse to feel oppressed by the vandalism and actions like it because I will respond by becoming a better participant in the classroom.

Happiest students? Princeton Review rankings, unpacked

(09/28/16 2:59am)

With the release of the Princeton Review’s rankings earlier this month, Rice regained its position as having the happiest students in the nation. Responses to the ranking varied, and students, faculty and administration are having a more nuanced discussion about the implications and impact of the ranking on students. Many have questioned the process of determining the rankings themselves, which Princeton Review’s “Best 381 Colleges” co-author David Soto explained in an interview with the Thresher.

Bioengineers design for public health in Malawi

(08/29/16 11:42pm)

Several Rice University students spent this summer in Blantyre, Malawi working under the Rice 360⁰ Institute for Global Health internship alongside students from The University of Malawi Polytechnic. During this two month long internship, students focused on two main issues at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital: preventing neonatal hypothermia and assessing common modes of failure in oxygen concentrators.

Economics department sees benefits of recent overhaul

(04/06/16 6:15am)

Students have responded positively to an effort to revamp the economics department more than a year in the making, according to Sawyer Knight, a student on the Economics Student Advisory Board. The board has worked with Antonio Merlo, the economics department head and new dean of social sciences who was hired in 2014, to make changes through the Rice Initiative for the Study of Economics.