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NEWS 2/14/12 6:00pm

Students design portable health-care clinic

Rice students created a portable health-care structure that can fit into a backpack. This proposed structure, dubbed the "Accordion Clinic," won first prize at the School of Architecture's third semiannual spring charrette. The creators are now working toward designing a prototype for use in the field.

NEWS 2/14/12 6:00pm

SA reconsiders LPAPs

The Lifetime Physical Activity Program graduation requirement may soon be changing. In response to student concerns about wait-listing and difficulties registering for LPAP classes, the Student Association is evaluating the current LPAP requirement and considering changes to improve the program.

NEWS 2/14/12 6:00pm

Student email set to switch to Gmail

More than a year after Rice and Google began conversations about a potential switch from Rice Webmail to Gmail, the university signed an official contract with Google on Feb. 1 allowing student email accounts hosted by Google. The switch was approved by the Student Association Monday and will be implemented over the summer.

NEWS 2/7/12 6:00pm

Photo: Presidential showdown 2012

Martel College junior Ben Chou (left), Will Rice College freshman Ben Hawriluk (center) and Brown College junior Sanjula Jain (right) face off at the Student Association Presidential debates last Monday. Voting runs through Monday, Feb. 13 at 11:59 p.m. at sa.rice.edu/election2012.

NEWS 2/7/12 6:00pm

Envision grants aid student initiatives

Leadership Rice's Envision Grants award students the capital to effect change on campus. This year, five grants have been awarded, up from four last year, to help start up new projects: Karma Patrol, Rice University Women in Science and Engineering, celebrateART, Food for Thought and Acappellooza. The Envision Grant is a one-time allocation to students whose projects have proved not only visionary but also self-sustaining, Envision Grant Mentor Michael Domeracki, said.

NEWS 2/1/12 6:00pm

CCD survey reveals post-undergrad plans

New survey data released by the Center for Career Development indicated that just over half of graduating students seeking employment have received offers, but CCD Director Nicole Van Den Heuvel said that the data was limited by the 23 percent response rate to the survey.

NEWS 2/1/12 6:00pm

Banners up for Centennial

In the spirit of the upcoming Centennial, the Rice Inner Loop now sports its own walking guide to the history of the university. A hundred Centennial-themed banners recently replaced the owl banners that hung on light posts. The banners display short historical events and can be read in sequential order by following them down the Inner Loop from Tudor Fieldhouse.

NEWS 2/1/12 6:00pm

O'Yeah Cafe a hit in RMC

For those searching for a new lunch option, your answer has arrived. Last week, the O'Yeah Cafe opened at the Owl Cove, where Little Willy's used to be in the RMC.