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OPINION 11/19/14 1:59am

Engineering evaluations deserve attention

During his speech to the Student Association on Oct. 1, President David Leebron presented a graph that showed an increase in average course quality and instructor effectiveness from Fall 2007 to Fall 2013 in all five academic schools that offer undergraduate degrees. However, the graph also showed that the school of engineering consistently had the lowest score in both course and instructor evaluations over time.

OPINION 11/12/14 4:38am

Housing and Dining cup policy must necessarily adjust to student laziness

Rice University students have reached a new level of laziness. This semester, Baker College Kitchen and West Servery have already replaced all 3,200 of their cups. Additionally, last year the serveries collectively purchased, lost and replaced 8,000 cups. To combat the problem, Housing and Dining has suggested adding 16-ounce disposable cups to the servery. and Tierra Moore, SA Environmental Committee co-chair, has proposed H&D not replace the cups to discourage students from stealing them (see p.1).

OPINION 11/12/14 4:35am

T-shirt business sustainably serves campus need

Rice students need a huge number of custom T-shirts — for Beer Bike, Orientation Week, public parties, clubs and organizations, and more. With a custom apparel business on campus, Rice students would become independent of outside T-shirt companies like ROJO Ink and CustomInk, and could be directly involved in the design and creation of the apparel so ubiquitous on campus.

OPINION 11/12/14 4:33am

Rice needs Queer Resource Center

When the Princeton Review ranked Rice as one of the Top 20 Most LGBT Friendly schools this year, frankly, we were shocked. Rice severely lacks the dedicated staff, programming and resources for our queer* students when compared to our peer institutions. In a student-led effort to remedy this, we at Query have founded Rainbow, a Queer Resource Center for the greater Rice community.

OPINION 11/12/14 4:32am

40k should be spent on sustainability, as intended

The $40,000 remaining from RESET should continue funding student-driven environmental projects. These funds originated from a 2010 SA bill, which allocated a $9 per student blanket tax “to combat rising energy costs and combat climate change.” That same year, students passed a 100-year sustainability plan, expressing a desire to make Rice more sustainable. Because of a sunset clause, the RESET blanket tax was voted on twice more, but ambiguous wording and the lack of a quorum caused it to fail.

OPINION 11/5/14 5:50am

Attend the Homecoming football game

Rice University is hosting its annual homecoming football game this Saturday, Nov. 8. The team is competing for its sixth win of the season, which will essentially guarantee a spot in a bowl game for the third-straight season and the fifth time in the last 40 years. Additionally, Rice is currently riding a five-game winning streak, has won 11 of their last 12 home games and looks as if they could be contenders for the Conference USA title.

OPINION 11/5/14 5:49am

Institutionalized activities don’t define Rice experience

I remember the first time I got rejected from co-advising. Having just left my FWIS class, I was on the steps of Fondren Library, heading toward the quad, when I got the email informing me I had not been selected. I slumped my way back to McMurtry College; I had really wanted to advise. This was not the first, nor last, rejection I received. Advising is one of the institutionalized experiences that Rice students apply for, and get disappointed if they are rejected.

OPINION 10/28/14 4:49pm

Honor Council should stop defending spending

The Student Association Blanket Tax Contingency Committee held their first meeting with Honor Council on Monday, Oct. 27 to discuss the documents it submitted for review. During the meeting, Honor Council defended its choice to allocate $50 per head to its yearly changeover dinner and other expenses that include the purchase of 15 tablets at $350 each and a new computer every three years (see p.1). 

OPINION 10/28/14 4:47pm

Students should consider unconventional paths after Rice

Every time someone asks me how senior year is going, I just laugh and say, “It’s going.” Because it is going. And it keeps going, adding to the time that has passed since I should’ve figured out what I’m doing with my life after graduation, or at least it feels that way being at Rice. People at this school are so good at having their lives together.

OPINION 10/22/14 5:43am

Students must respect alcohol policy at NOD

Following the 2012 Night of Decadence, during which 11 students were hospitalized, as well as other similar instances of unsafe behavior, Rice instituted a new alcohol policy. According to the Student Handbook, the policy “encourages with both regulations and sanctions a shift away from distilled spirits toward beer and wine, which pose a less serious danger of abuse.”

OPINION 10/22/14 5:41am

Sexual activity should not confer status

Saturday night, hundreds of scantily-clad men and women will file into the Wiess commons with one thing on their minds. Perhaps, even more importantly, the next day’s stories of who “got it in” will dominate conversation.

OPINION 10/8/14 3:38am

Remembering life outside Rice

A broken laptop saved my life this week. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was in desperate need of some time outside of Rice University. My eventual venture off campus gave me a vitally refreshing reminder that life still exists outside of Rice.

OPINION 10/1/14 10:22am

Life's a Mitch: Examining Rice's neglected outdoor spaces

Hi, my name is Mitch, and I’ll be your guide for the Rice University Tour of Publically Neglected Outdoor Spaces. Many outdoor spaces on campus exceed in beauty, like the grove outside Brochstein Pavilion, the courtyards abutting Anderson Hall and the Humanities Building and the engineering quad. As we shall see, some spaces are equal in beauty and opposite in utility.