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Friday, March 24, 2023 — Houston, TX

Makenzie Drukker

OPINION 2/12/16 6:16pm

SA candidates: do your research, and collaborate

To the candidates for Student Association executive positions, My name is Makenzie Drukker and I currently serve as the Chair of Rice University Court. I was recently reading through your candidate blurbs and discovered something concerning. Justin Onwenu, a candidate for External Vice President, does not know what University Court does.

OPINION 9/23/15 4:58am

RetrOspective-Week continues: More gratitude than grievances

After reading last week’s articles from other Orientation Week 2015 coordinators, we hope to share another perspective of coordinating in order to provide the student body with an alternate opinion of the experience. Ultimately, we think this article will help provide a more comprehensive and multi-faceted understanding of coordinating. As the 2015 McMurtry O-Week coordinators, we had an overwhelmingly positive experience and learned a lot from the position.