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OPINION 9/13/16 10:42pm

Life at Rice can give gift of eco-awareness

Fall of 2016 marks my fourth year in Houston. To me, becoming a senior international student does not only mean being able to laugh at John Oliver’s jokes about Donald Trump or start singing "The Duck Song" as soon as I saw grapes in the servery, but most importantly, being a lot more conscious about sustainability and the environment.

OPINION 9/7/16 8:56pm

Shoot for the moon, not inside the hedges

This coming Sept. 12 marks more than five decades since President John F. Kennedy stood in the center of Rice Stadium and argued for his vision of landing an American on the moon and returning him safely back to Earth, a vision requiring an unprecedented level of selfless devotion and service. Even though the nation fulfilled JFK’s aspirations, his words represent more than reaching our nearest satellite because they continue to echo throughout the ages, both present and future.

OPINION 8/24/16 12:02am

Students should utilize Baker Institute

As you return to campus, I wish to share with you the many opportunities Rice University’s Baker Institute offers to become involved in the world of public policy, which directly affects your life in important ways, both now and when you leave Rice to pursue your career.

OPINION 8/23/16 11:56pm

Discuss religion and politics with respect

Weather Underground may be telling me that it feels like 108 degrees outside, but for me this is one of the coolest times to be at Rice as we welcome our new students and welcome back our returning students, both graduate and undergraduate.

OPINION 8/23/16 11:49pm

​Lackluster response to CTIS discouraging

When the Survey of Unwanted Sexual Ex-periences proved that, much like other college campuses, sexual misconduct and assault are prevalent at Rice, many in the student body rallied around the cause and proposed change in the form of a mandatory Critical Thinking in Sexuality Class for new students.

OPINION 4/13/16 8:29pm

CUC credit limit proposal insults non-athletes

The CUC has proposed a further limit to semester credit hours. In an email I received, “the motivation for developing a proposal for additional limits to semester credit hours comes from the Dean of Undergraduates reporting a norm among students of enrolling in a larger number of courses than is compatible with overall academic success and personal well-being.” 17 hours will be the limit for new students with the exceptional increase of 18 credit hours for those lucky returning students.