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NEWS 3/11/14 5:46pm

Land holdings bolster endowment

Rice University owns several pieces of land around Texas and other parts of the southern United States. These investments are all maintained by the Rice Management Company, a division of the university responsible for managing the school’s endowment. Compiled by Anita Alem

NEWS 3/11/14 5:46pm

Tuition increases at lower rate

Undergraduate tuition will increase 4.2 percent next year from $38,260 to $39,880, according to Vice President for Finance Kathy Collins. This will raise the total cost of attendance — which includes tuition, $686 in mandatory fees and $13,400 for room and board — by 3.9 percent, from $51,941 to $53,966.

NEWS 2/26/14 9:58am

SA Meeting Minutes

The following were noted at the meeting of the Student Association on Feb. 24.

NEWS 2/25/14 2:41pm

UCourt partially invalidates elections

The Student Association Election Committee will rerun the General Elections and merge them with the previously scheduled SA Internal Vice President Elections running through Feb. 28 at 11:59 p.m. after the University Court found the 2014 SA General Elections partially invalid in a public hearing, according to a letter sent by University Court Chair Evan Austin on Feb. 23.