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From the Editor’s Desk: Parting words

(04/19/17 1:00pm)

My baby is all grown up. But then again, the Thresher was never my baby. After all, I am simply one of many in a long line of stewards who voluntarily foisted a stick up their ass for an entire year to produce a college weekly. I’m going to hazard a guess that more than one person reading this really dislikes me. Maybe you think I’m a socialist or a feminazi, or I ruined your professional aspirations when the Thresher quoted you saying something embarrassing that you did, in fact, say on the record. Or maybe you think I’m a crazy beyotch who gets off from critiquing the Student Association’s many, many, constitutional violations.

Thomas contests election via UCourt

(03/01/17 4:24am)

Two apparent constitutional violations have occurred during the Student Association election, and SA President Griffin Thomas has filed a complaint with University Court to contest the election. The Elections Committee prohibited part-time students from voting and dropped former presidential candidate Maurice Frediere’s name from the ballot without approval from the Senate; both these actions appear to violate the SA constitution. In a statement to the Thresher, the Elections Committee said their exclusion of part-time students was a “misunderstanding and miscommunication” and they would work with UCourt to rectify their error.

SA addresses campaign ethics concerns with new rules

(02/15/17 6:14am)

The Student Association Senate amended the regulations for the upcoming SA elections to bar candidates from promising student funding to organizations and from receiving campaign donations from groups unaffiliated with Rice. These new rules, which were approved unanimously at Monday’s Senate meeting, came in response to information indicating that a potential candidate or candidates had used external campaign consulting services and promised clubs preferential access to student funding in exchange for campaign assistance, according to SA President Griffin Thomas.

International Iranian students face uncertainty after immigration ban

(02/01/17 3:44am)

Last year, Iranian graduate student Behnaz was admitted to Rice University’s electrical engineering doctoral program along with her husband, whom she had met five years ago at Iran’s prestigious University of Tehran. Behnaz began her studies at Rice last semester, but her husband’s visa didn’t process in time. Prior to President Donald Trump’s executive order banning immigration from seven countries, including Iran, for at least three months, the couple was hoping his visa clearance process would finish in time for him to join Behnaz. Now, these hopes are dashed.

Rice students among thousands of protesters marching for women's rights in Houston, Austin

(01/25/17 3:19am)

Rice University students and faculty joined thousands marching in the Austin and Houston Women’s Marches last Saturday to show support for women’s rights in light of President Donald Trump’s inauguration. Following the marches, the female residential college presidents launched a Rice for Women campaign to mirror the follow-up activities promoted by the organizers of the Women’s March in D.C.

Berlin Wall segment, other structures vandalized overnight with pro-Trump messages

(01/14/17 12:05am)

Three acts of vandalism, two of which referenced President-elect Donald Trump, appeared on campus Friday morning. The segment of the Berlin Wall outside the Baker Institute for Public Policy, the Moody Center Student Collaborative’s art installation and a dormitory wall of Hanszen College, which are all within 500 yards of each other, were defaced with blue spray paint.

Amid political uncertainty, undocumented Rice student speaks out: ‘You’re seen as no one’

(11/30/16 7:29am)

When Santiago Garcia was five years old, his parents came to the United States from Colombia on a travel visa. They had come to visit their cousins in Texas, and ultimately decided to stay for the sake of their children. Though the Garcia family’s visa has since expired, they have continued living in Texas as undocumented immigrants.

From the editor's desk to the sports section: My first foray into football

(11/29/16 6:04am)

For the past six months since I’ve gotten my MacBook fixed, the default login logo above my username has been a stock photo of a football. Somehow, even though I use my laptop almost every day, I didn’t notice this football staring back at me until Thresher News Editor Drew Keller pointed it out last Saturday. This just goes to show how little my mind registers anything football related. Prior to last week, I had never watched a single football game. I didn’t know what a touchdown or a play was, what a quarterback was supposed to do or really anything about how this multibillion-dollar industry centered around brain damage operated.

Baker Christmas becomes last-minute public

(09/28/16 4:58am)

For the first time, Baker College’s annual tradition of throwing a Christmas-themed private party in September took place as a public party instead. The event was registered with Student Judicial Programs and held last Friday in Baker’s Presidential Quad. Partly as a result of the discussion surrounding “Baker Christmas,” Dean of Undergraduates John Hutchinson has decided to reconvene the Alcohol Policy Advisory Committee as per the Rice University Alcohol Policy. APAC was last convened three years ago when it recommended the ban on hard liquor.

From the Editor's Desk: Rice's response to MOB performance deeply disappointing

(09/19/16 12:05am)

Two years ago, I wrote an opinion piece in the Thresher to shed light on what I saw as systemic issues within the Rice community that enabled acts of sexual assault and violence to occur. Since then, the Thresher has reported on the administration’s numerous efforts to curb sexual assault and to increase dialogue on campus. However, the statement released by Rice after the Marching Owl Band’s halftime performance at the Baylor game is a disappointing reminder of our university’s failure to elevate the discourse surrounding sexual assault.