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Wednesday, December 06, 2023 — Houston, TX


NEWS 11/9/11 6:00pm

Jones student accused of sexual assault on fellow student

Jones School of Business student Christopher Steiner, 30, has been accused of burglary with intent to commit another felony – sexual assault of a fellow student, according to recent court records. The case was filed with the Harris County District Attorney's office on Monday.

NEWS 11/9/11 6:00pm

Rice hosts Q&A with Condoleezza Rice

More than 1,000 Rice students, faculty, and Houston community members filled Tudor Fieldhouse on Tuesday evening to listen to Condoleezza Rice speak about her years in the national government.

NEWS 11/1/11 7:00pm

ALFA money goes far for EMS

Benefiting from the Asset Liquidation Funds Appropriations Committee money it received three weeks ago, Rice Emergency Medical Services has purchased a new emergency vehicle and a heart monitor and now has enough funding to subsidize its classes for the next 10 years.

NEWS 11/1/11 7:00pm

Matchbox hosts new work

Tucked below Rice University's Sewall Hall, in room 258, is the Matchbox Gallery, a student-run exhibition space. Currently on view is "Removal: Cloth" by Baker College senior Christine Cooper, the first installment of a two part photographic series, which transitions to "Removal: Skin" by Claudia Casbarian on Nov. 10. The removal of key elements pertaining to the human body is the overall motif for the series.

NEWS 11/1/11 7:00pm

1,400 students bare all at NOD

Last Saturday, approximately 1,400 students said "Expelliarmus!" to their clothes and experienced the magic of Harry NODder: Slytherin to my Chamber of Secrets, the latest iteration of Wiess College's annual public party, Night of Decadence.

NEWS 11/1/11 7:00pm

Baker 13 runner breaks library window

Few associate nudity and breaking glass with a Monday night in Fondren, but this Halloween, one of Rice's most famous traditions went rear-first into the school library. While running the Halloween Baker 13 this past Friday, Baker College junior Duncan Eddy broke a window at Fondren Library, apparently with his behind.

NEWS 11/1/11 7:00pm

Censored professor revokes article

The Rice University community prides itself on the culture of honor and open-minded acceptance that permeates the university, as shown through Rice's Honor Code and the level of diversity in the Rice student body.

NEWS 10/27/11 7:00pm

$40 million updates

Football players may be next in line to benefit from a new building at Rice. A $40 million proposal for a new two-story football training facility at the south end of the stadium came out last week and is contingent on an approval from the Rice Board of Trustees as well as fundraising for the necessary money.

NEWS 10/27/11 7:00pm

On the electron superhighway

Forget cars racing along highways and start thinking electrons. Physics professor Rui-Rui Du and fourth year physics graduate student Ivan Knez have created and recently published on a topological insulator, described as an "electron superhighway". Their research is paving the way to the creation of topological insulator superconductor junctions and, eventually, quantum computers.