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?The clutch side of choosing to drive vehicles with manual transmissions

(01/10/13 12:00am)

Do you know how to drive a stick shift? Chances are, the answer is no. I polled more than 75 Rice students, and the overwhelming majority (more than 70 percent) said that they did not know how to drive a manual transmission car. According to, manual transmission cars have gone from approximately 45 percent of cars on the road in 1990 to less than 7 percent today as consumers and automakers alike increasingly view the manual transmission as technology from the bygone era. Interestingly, the decline in manual transmissions seems to be a distinctly American trend: According to the automotive market analyst company CSM Worldwide, around 75 percent of the cars in Europe still have manual transmissions.

10 things to do in Houston during the holiday season

(11/30/12 12:00am)

Are you dreaming of a white christmas? Just because there's no snow in Houston doesn't mean that Houstonians can't appreciate a winter wonderland. Whether you're looking for a fun study break to spread some holiday cheer or wondering what you'll do with all your free time after those pesky finals are over, Houston has plenty of events to offer this holiday season.