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Monday, June 17, 2024 — Houston, TX

Allison He

FEATURES 11/8/22 11:41pm

‘C’est banana’: Unique courses to enroll in this semester

It’s that time of the year again — spring semester course registration. From agricultural techniques to monsters to the linguistics of made-up languages, the Thresher compiled a list of both distribution and student-led courses that any student can take to satisfy their graduation requirements or thirst for knowledge. 

FEATURES 10/5/22 12:01am

Going behind the counter with the GMs of Rice’s SRBs

Whether getting a caffeine fix, late-night dinner or their bike repaired, Rice students are no doubt familiar with many of the campus’ student-run businesses. What students often don’t see, though, is behind the scenes of SRBs — a general manager fixing the credit card machine or ensuring the oat milk supply returns. 

FEATURES 9/20/22 11:48pm

Forgotten health professions: Checking in with Rice’s pre-health students

Rice has scores of undergraduates interested in pursuing a health profession. Roughly 40% of advising cases at the Office of Academic Advising are for health professions, according to Director of Academic Advising Christine Martinez. But many pre-health students — such as those looking to pursue dentistry, physical therapy or physician assistant — said they experience a lack of advising and resources compared to those offered to pre-meds. 

FEATURES 4/12/22 11:08pm

Almost a year in, students and faculty discuss new business major

Last fall, the Jones Graduate School of Business added to its offerings for undergraduates by launching a business major. Rice undergraduates in the Classes of 2024 and 2025 can declare a business major with either a finance or management concentration, and many students have shown interest in it, according to the Director of Undergraduate Business Programs Natalia Piqueira.

FEATURES 4/5/22 11:13pm

Senior Spotlight: Johnny Wang embraces life at Rice

Johnny Wang did not know much about Rice when he applied Early Decision. According to the Lovett College senior, he didn’t visit campus or speak with any current or former students before applying. What he did know were two things: one, that he wanted to pursue medicine, and two, that he had heard Rice was a great place for pre-meds. 

FEATURES 3/8/22 11:27pm

Rice Apps relaunches carpool mobile site

As school breaks and seasonal holidays approach, so does the need to travel to and from the airport. Previous years have seen a spreadsheet shared among students hoping to find rides. But the rereleased Rice Carpool site allows a simple way for the Rice community to find and coordinate rides on their phone. 

FEATURES 10/13/21 12:33am

Going backwards: Tour guides talk a return to almost normal campus tours

When the pandemic hit, one of the first things to go was the in-person campus tour. The familiar sight of a student tour guide walking backward through the Rice Memorial Center was replaced by virtual tours. But this year, in addition to virtual tours, in-person campus tours are back — albeit not exactly the same as they used to be.