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A&E 1/30/24 10:29pm

Review: Disney’s ‘Percy Jackson’ is the adaption fans deserve

Readers’ obsession began with “The Lightning Thief,” the first installment in author Rick Riordan’s series about Greek gods and their demigod children, which was released in 2005. Over the decades, Riordan expanded the series to include Roman mythology, then Egyptian, then Norse. The “Riordanverse” grew immensely with its fans.

A&E 1/30/24 10:28pm

Review: ‘The Zone of Interest’ is a chilling portrait of evil

Films about the Holocaust face an impossible question: How are we meant to render such an atrocity? Countless filmmakers since the end of World War II have tried to answer this question, some – like Steven Spielberg in “Schindler’s List” – answering that we must try to voice its individual stories as much as possible, and others – like Claude Lanzmann in his 9 ½ hour documentary, “Shoah” – answering that it is ultimately impossible. 

FEATURES 1/30/24 10:20pm

Get fired up for the Year of the Dragon

With Lunar New Year approaching on Feb. 10, there are plenty of events happening both on and off campus. The 15 days following the new moon will be filled with delicious food, intricate lion dances, firework shows and gift-giving in auspicious red envelopes. Get ready to welcome the Year of the Dragon in style. 

OPINION 1/30/24 10:17pm

The burden of tradition: NOD 2023 was the fault of systemic issues, not the students

Student discourse in the aftermath of Night of Decadence has frequently taken a defeatist character. A muted “I guess that’s what we get” has risen in response to the cancellation of publics, without any form of organized protest. This passivity in the face of blatant paternalism ignores a major systemic issue: the loss of student autonomy in maintaining traditions.

NEWS 1/30/24 10:13pm

WRC commons roof undergoes repairs

Roofing repairs are currently underway for the old Will Rice College commons. According to senior facilities engineer and project manager Matthew Hoffman, 7,250 square feet of roofing is being replaced, and the project is expected to be completed in four weeks.

NEWS 1/30/24 10:12pm

Liu and Mounajjed launch Bonfire

Bonfire, a new startup platform for sharing on-campus social events, launched Jan. 17. The student founders Michael Mounajjed and Ben Liu say Bonfire aims to unite students. The founders say there are currently 770 users on the platform, equivalent to one in every six Rice undergraduates using the app.

NEWS 1/30/24 10:07pm

CCD to hold spring career expo

The Center for Career Development will host the Spring 2024 Career & Internship Expo from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Feb. 2. The expo will include more than 70 employers, representing industries from aerospace, consulting, engineering, medical devices, education and financial services, among others, according to Camille Elmore, the associate director of employer engagement and data management for the CCD.

OPINION 1/24/24 7:00am

We will not wait until the next school shooting

Despite calls upon lawmakers to do something about this epidemic of violence, our cries for action fall upon deaf ears. We are tired of being ridiculed as “radical” by lawmakers for championing common-sense gun reforms like expanding background checks, which are supported by a majority of Texans. What is radical is the status quo, where gun violence is the leading cause of death among Texas youth — more than cancer and more than car accidents. Year after year, Texas loosens restrictions on guns, and year after year, the rate of youth gun deaths increases. 

FEATURES 1/23/24 10:42pm

01-24-2024 On this day in Thresher history

Carefully cataloged by the University of North Texas’s Portal to Texas History and the Rice University Woodson Research Center, the archives of the Rice Thresher contain issues of the paper since its creation in 1916. Any Internet user brave enough to venture into over a century of reporting can uncover hidden bits from Rice’s history. From scientific breakthroughs to programming victories, the Thresher is proud to bring you a selection of newsworthy events from Jan. 24.