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Sunday, April 14, 2024 — Houston, TX

James Cancelarich

NEWS 4/9/24 10:55pm

Historian Avi Shlaim gives talk on Gaza

Avi Shlaim, a historian of Israel and Palestine, spoke April 6 at Rice in a talk titled “Gaza in Context: Reflections of an Arab Jew.” The event was a collaboration between the Rice history department, Jewish studies program and Arab-American educational foundation chair of Arab studies Abdel Razzaq Takriti.

NEWS 4/2/24 11:05pm

Pub goes cashless after two burglaries

The Pub at Rice announced that it will be going cashless via Instagram on April 1 following two incidents of burglary. The first burglary occurred between March 19 and 20 and the second on March 30, according to Rice University Police Department crime logs.

NEWS 2/27/24 10:11pm

New environmental engineering B.S. introduced beginning 2024

A new environmental engineering bachelor of science degree is set to begin in Fall 2024, according to an email sent out to civil engineering students. Currently, environmental engineering is included under the civil engineering program, but the launch of the new program will formally separate the two programs into different degrees.

NEWS 2/23/24 9:04pm

SA presidential debate centers around budget

Student Association presidential candidates Jae Kim and Trevor Tobey discussed their vision for the presidency and the SA at the Thresher’s SA debate on Monday, Feb. 19. Candidates for secretary and treasurer, the other contested elections, also took the stage during the night.

NEWS 1/30/24 10:13pm

WRC commons roof undergoes repairs

Roofing repairs are currently underway for the old Will Rice College commons. According to senior facilities engineer and project manager Matthew Hoffman, 7,250 square feet of roofing is being replaced, and the project is expected to be completed in four weeks.

NEWS 11/14/23 10:33pm

IJM fashion show fundraises to stop human trafficking

Eleven student models took the stage for the International Justice Mission’s Interwoven: Celebrating Resistance & Resilience to Trafficking fashion show Nov. 11 at the Rice Memorial Chapel. The models showcased garments ranging from an English trenchcoat to a scarf made in Rwanda. All proceeds were donated to the IJM field office in Ghana, according to Rice IJM president Sarah Sowell.

NEWS 9/19/23 11:00pm

Liftoff for the Biotech Launch Pad

The Rice Biotech Launch Pad accelerator was announced on the 61st anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s moonshot speech. This initiative aims to develop new research and emerging technologies into practical clinical applications by bridging the gap between researchers, medical companies and healthcare professionals, Omid Veiseh said.