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Friday, March 24, 2023 — Houston, TX

Arts and Entertainment

A&E 9/13/22 11:31pm

Discover these local Latine artists

This Thursday marks the start of National Hispanic Heritage Month, which recognizes the achievements and influence of Latine communities and individuals around the U.S. To celebrate, here are five Houston-based Latine artists to check out and support this month and beyond. More amazing local artists can be found through the Houston Latino Artists Registry from the Inter-University Program for Latino Research.

A&E 9/13/22 11:24pm

Moody’s new exhibit deconstructs the built environment

Inspired by our built environment and the diverse way that cities are portrayed in art, the Moody Center for the Arts fall exhibition “Urban Impressions: Experiencing the Global Contemporary Metropolis” challenges its audience to reflect on how they move through cities. The opening reception for the exhibition will take place on Friday, Sept. 16 with a student reception on Saturday, Sept. 17. The exhibit will run until Saturday, Dec. 17.

A&E 9/6/22 11:08pm

These coffee spots are grounds for a caffeine run

The Thresher likes coffee, and we’ve written about our favorite Houston spots before. That said, there are still a latte of great finds beyond the hedges. To avoid the risk of giving you déjà brew, here are some new coffee shop finds you might not have heard of yet.

A&E 9/6/22 11:06pm

Bookstores you’re bound to love

Now that school is officially in full force, students have been hitting the books. However, there are plenty of literary worlds waiting to be discovered beyond the rigid spines of our Organic Chemistry textbooks. Now is the perfect time to check out the local independent bookstores hidden around Houston. Whether you have specific titles in mind or want to help support your community, there’s a store for everyone.

A&E 9/6/22 11:04pm

Review: ‘Rings of Power’ is a solid albeit muddled start

It’s safe to say that in regards to the high expectations surrounding it, “Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” has proven to be a solid start for the next story to come from the world of Tolkein. Though not immediately gripping like HBO’s “House of the Dragon,” the first two episodes of “Rings of Power” effectively build the foundation of the plot while presenting some of the best visuals I’ve ever seen from a television show.

A&E 9/6/22 11:00pm

Review: Kenny Beats exhibits his producing prowess on ‘Louie’

Kenny Beats is one of the best producers working in hip-hop today. The producer’s status as a go-to collaborator for many of the genre’s innovators (with Vince Staples, Denzel Curry and Rico Nasty, to name a few) is certainly enough to prove this lofty endorsement. With “Louie,” Kenny proves that his success is not a result of his clients’ star power but rather because of his ability to converge seemingly conflicting sounds and confidently use authentic instrumentation.

A&E 9/6/22 10:50pm

Kanisha Feliciano makes Broadway history

This summer, Rice alumna Kanisha Feliciano graced the storied Broadway stage, performing as the first Latina and second Black woman to play the leading role of Christine Daae in Broadway’s longest-running musical, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “The Phantom of the Opera.” Feliciano said that the experience was a dream come true.

A&E 8/30/22 11:48pm

Review: ‘Three Thousand Years of Longing’ attempts flimsy romance

Seven years after “Mad Max: Fury Road,” filmmaker George Miller returned to cinemas this past Friday with “Three Thousand Years of Longing,” a film distinctly opposite from the genre work Miller is known for. While Miller’s  tendency to capture excitement is present in the film, this is a new territory for the director. “Three Thousand Years” is a romance-fantasy drama centered around Alithea Binnie (Tilda Swinton) who discovers a genie (Idris Elba) while on a trip to Istanbul. This heady and almost saccharine premise about the power of storytelling is a great setup for a blissful drama, but ultimately becomes messy as Miller’s style and writing are antithetical to the romance at the core of the story.

A&E 8/30/22 11:45pm

‘ones & zeros’ powers digital and interpersonal connection

Created from plywood, corrugated plastic, Arduino circuits and LED strips, “ones & zeros” was created by senior architecture students Peyton Chiang, Joseph Hsu, Olivia Malone and Jeff Xia for Archi-Arts. The large-scale, interactive exhibition goes on display Wednesday, Aug. 31 at 5 p.m. in the Sewall Courtyard as Sleepy Cyborg’s first fall exhibition, slated to run until Oct. 9.

A&E 8/30/22 11:36pm

‘Pre Pleasure’ compels with introspective confession

Australian indie rock singer Julia Jacklin has returned just three years after her sophomore album with her newest release, “Pre Pleasure.” A bittersweet reflection on self-awareness, sexuality, complicated love and her own mother-daughter relationship, “Pre Pleasure” is another successful product of Jacklin’s introspective and tastefully confessional songwriting. 

A&E 8/30/22 11:33pm

Changing the Narrative: Robert Hodge presents new campus mural

Robert Hodge’s studio is home to all kinds of art including paintings, a collage he’s currently working on and a music album with his own design on the cover. Hodge, a multidisciplinary artist based in Houston, is the talent behind one of the newest pieces of art on campus. 

A&E 8/30/22 11:32pm

Plug into these student-recommended podcasts

Sometimes there is no better medicine than a hot girl walk around the inner loop while listening to a podcast. Whether you are driving, on a stroll or desperately trying to make it across campus for your 8 a.m., here is the Thresher’s list of podcasts that will get you hooked. 

A&E 8/30/22 11:30pm

Munch on these brunches

There’s an art to brunch, from assembling the perfect group of friends to figuring out a time in the midst of hectic schedules to dine out together. Above all, though, there is an art to choosing the perfect restaurant to visit. With plentiful options in Houston, even just the array of choices can be overwhelming. That’s why we visited these four popular brunch spots to offer the inside scoop on the appeal of each. 

A&E 8/23/22 11:21pm

‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’: Glitzy, fabricated storyline lacks substance

A colorful portrait of privilege, egotism and murder emerges in A24’s latest film, “Bodies Bodies Bodies.” Released in theaters Aug. 12, “Bodies” follows the wealthy, assertive Sophie (Amandla Stenberg) as she invites her reserved girlfriend Bee (Maria Bakalova) to meet her friends at a remote mansion. Eerily tranquil shots of attractive 20-somethings floating underwater in the mansion’s pool introduce us to the “Bodies” ensemble: narcissistic David, unassuming Emma, mysterious Jordan, vapid Alice and Alice’s middle-aged, clueless boyfriend Greg. Upon their arrival, Sophie and Bee are met with reluctance and social tensions, which only build as the day progresses. That night, in a blur of drugs and dancing, Sophie suggests a murder mystery game that quickly becomes all too real. While a hurricane rages outside, characters are found bloodily still throughout the house; respective corpses shed light on old grudges, lurid truths and, most importantly, the obnoxious self-absorption of our affluent protagonists. 

A&E 8/23/22 9:58pm

Review: NIKI looks backwards to move forward on ‘Nicole’

On “Nicole,” NIKI looks to her origins to move onwards, collaborating with her younger self to create a work that bridges the gap between two different eras of her life and career. The artist, born Nicole Zefanya, made a splash when she won a nationwide competition to open for Taylor Swift’s Red Tour in Jakarta. At the time, she maintained a YouTube channel, “nzee24,” on which she posted original songs and covers, primarily with a stripped back, guitar-and-vocal-based sound.

A&E 8/23/22 9:56pm

Meals & deals: Enjoy Houston Restaurant Weeks

Every year from Aug. 1 to Sept. 5., the end of Labor Day weekend, Houston restaurants offer up some of the best deals of the year in the name of charity. Houston Restaurant Weeks — in reality a whole month — is the largest annual fundraiser for the Houston Food Bank, which according to the Restaurant Week website is America’s largest. It includes restaurants from The Woodlands down to the beach in Galveston. Many venues are a short walk or drive from campus, and this fundraiser can be a great way to try out new restaurants at slightly reduced cost. Here are some of the best restaurants participating right outside the hedges.