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Hamza Saeed

FEATURES 4/16/24 10:26pm

Sitting Around the Bonfire with Ben and Michael

Being a small school has benefits and disadvantages. Some claim that one of the drawbacks of being a relatively small campus and having a strong residential college program is that it is often difficult to find events or activities happening across campus. That’s where Benjamin Liu and Michael Mounajjed stepped in.

A&E 4/9/24 11:48pm

Review: ‘Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire’ is Peak Cinema

There is no easy way to quantify a film, much to the chagrin of lazy film critics and lazier audiences. We may try to force a movie to fit into a box labeled ⅗ or ⅘ , but occasionally, there appears a work of art that refuses such indignity. A breathtaking fabrication that rejects the premise of a “rating,” whatever that monstrous practice might entail. These magna opera simply are. Along this line of thought, it makes sense to characterize this film for what it is, rather than lambast it for what it is not. This movie is about giant monkeys and lizards fighting. 

A&E 1/23/24 9:17pm

Tomás Morín’s ‘Where Are You From: Letters to My Son’ explores Brown identity in America

​​Writing to an audience that does not yet exist — some may think it’d be a bit tricky. In his latest book, “Where Are You From: Letters to My Son,” assistant professor of creative writing Tomás Q. Morín sets out to do just that, writing a series of letters to his, at the time, unborn son. Letters that, as Morín puts it, “offer advice and personal perspective on issues of love, growth and the future his son will have to face.” Morín discusses how he, as a person of color, inhabits the present day in America  — and what it means for the landscape his son will be born into.

A&E 11/1/23 1:00am

Review: ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ is a film for devoted fans

Starting off as a standalone lore-filled game in 2014, the “Five Nights at Freddy’s” franchise has expanded to toys, books and now, a much-anticipated movie. The FNaF empire has now revolutionized both the indie gaming sphere and the internet horror genre as a whole. As a result, the investigative journalists here at the Thresher spent a night at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza to determine if this film was a soulless cash grab of an adaptation or if Freddy truly had been cooking.

A&E 10/18/23 12:01am

Horrifying Halloween hits: what to watch this fall

One thing is for sure: The numerous scary movies for horror-lovers to watch in October have definitely contributed to the mysterious allure of the holiday. The Thresher has rounded up a few horror movie classics that are sure to have your whole friend group spooked. Fair warning, though, some of these movies are not for the faint of heart — and we wouldn’t recommend watching alone. 

A&E 10/4/23 12:16am

Review: ‘PAW Patrol’ needs quality control

The evolving relationship between children’s TV and the silver screen is quite fascinating. After all, it is quite challenging to turn formulaic episodes into a two-hour action-packed extravaganza. Still, we can all recall watching our favorite protagonists make a seemingly magical leap from our TV sets to the theaters, with our child-sized minds enamored by animations, explosions and whatnot.