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Hugo Gerbich-Pais

FEATURES 4/16/24 10:23pm

Dittmar on making a difference

On the top floor of the Allen Center sits Provost Amy Dittmar's office. The campus she leads is spread out below; eight school deans, the deans of undergraduate and postgraduate studies and four vice-provosts all report to her. 

A&E 3/19/24 10:27pm

Review: RuPaul’s memoir proves he should stick to drag, queen

RuPaul is a celebrated singer, entertainer and undeniably the most famous drag queen of all time. However, with his recently released memoir “The House of Hidden Meanings,” he demonstrates that he is an author in name only. The work is painful to read, and its content is full of glaring contradictions and hypocrisy. 

FEATURES 3/19/24 10:20pm

Changeover traditions: greeting or punishment?

Baking, roasting and challenges: This isn’t the recipe for your favorite cooking show, they’re college changeover traditions. The outgoing college government leaders are about to leave, ceding their positions to those rising sophomores, juniors and seniors in need of a resume booster – though some are motivated by an altruistic love for their college. This power vacuum needs to be filled and nearly every college celebrates changeover in a slightly different way, from the whimsical to the disgusting. 

A&E 2/13/24 10:39pm

Sarofim Hall reflects new vision for the arts

It is hard to imagine a more radical shift: from the basement of Sewall Hall — squeezed between the Welcome Center, Dean of Undergraduates Bridget Gorman's office and social science faculty — to a purposefully built facility nestled in the arts cluster of campus. On Feb. 29, the School of Humanities and broader Rice community will break ground on the Susan and Fayez Sarofim Hall, the new home of the art department. The building is expected to be ready by the 2025-26 school year. 

A&E 10/17/23 11:54pm

Review: Sivan makes us feel the rush

Listening to Troye Sivan’s new album makes me want to go down under. The Australian singer-songwriter released his newest album, “Something To Give Each Other,” Oct. 13, marking his third full-length release. Sivan gives us a blissful, eclectic album that celebrates queer culture and demonstrates that pop music can be lustful, escapist and perfect for the club.