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??News Analysis: Same-sex marriage in Houston

(05/23/12 12:00am)

Last week witnessed important events in the decades-old controversy of same-sex marriage. First, on Tuesday, the state of North Carolina passed an amendment banning homosexual unions and joining many other conservative states, including Texas, in defining marriage as strictly between a man and a woman. Then, on Wednesday, President Barack Obama told ABC News that his evolving position toward homosexual rights had changed and he now fully supports gay marriage. While the motivations of this change remain unclear, this unprecedented statement supporting gay marriage by an American president has received attention across all corners of the United States, including in Rice's hometown.

Job internships not necessary for a fruitful summer

(05/23/12 12:00am)

Last week, as Rice undergraduates finished their final exams, you could see the looks of hope on students' faces, expressing the combination of exhaustion and relief as students left the grim trenches of academia to the Elysian fields of summer. We have been going through this ritual every year since kindergarten, and our revelry in the almost sacrosanct phrase "school is out for summer" is no less joyous than it was so many years ago.

Beyond the Sallyport

(05/23/12 12:00am)

Last Saturday hundreds of Rice seniors passed through the Sallyport completing their journey at Rice University. The Thresher sat down with four of these distinct individuals to learn about where they will go after Rice and hear their reflections about their experience at Rice. While these seniors have divergent interests and plans, they share one thing in common: an appreciation for their new alma matter and a promising future.

SSX 2012 revamps its gameplay

(03/15/12 12:00am)

As technology improves, sports video games move toward increasingly more realistic and meticulous portrayals of reality. From the moment you jump a few stories in the sky out of a helicopter to start your virtual snowboard run, it is clear that SSX is not one of those games. A few jumps with full 360-degree rotations while holding your snowboard over your head, some glides with a wingsuit, and one or two stomach-first luges while grinding on the Great Wall of China, and it is clear that SSX is not just unrealistic, but also a celebration that the pesky laws of physics need not extend to the worlds video games create.

A continuous rise in tuition decreases Rice's overall value

(03/07/12 12:00am)

There is an old New Mexican folk story about three chupacabras who encounter three goats. The first chupacabra bites off a goat's head, rips its legs off and sucks out its blood. The second chupacabra rips off another goat's head and then sucks out its blood. The third chupacabra tells the final goat, "You should say thank you; I am only going to suck out your blood."

Dogs win best of show in this year's Super Bowl telecast

(02/08/12 12:00am)

This Sunday, millions of Americans saw Eli Manning and the New York Giants assume yet another exciting victory over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, but the Super Bowl isn't just a football game – it's an entertainment extravaganza, an unapologetically rococo celebration of America and its culture. I could easily spend hundreds of words describing the culmination of the NFL's 2011 season, but those who care already know. Instead, I write about the other Super Bowl, the one that exists off the gridiron.

As election season heats up, try to not only get involved but to understand the issues

(01/18/12 12:00am)

With the resignation of John Huntsman Jr., yet another one of the Republican primary candidates has thrown in the towel on his presidential ambition. It now seems almost inevitable that Mitt Romney will clinch the nomination, and if he wins in South Carolina it is highly likely the remaining opposition will have no choice but to concede. The campaign is now driving full force out of the farcical circus of last year's colorful contenders and entering the long brutal general election that is the "Super Bowl" of American politics.