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News In Rhyme

By Anthony Lauriello     3/29/12 7:00pm

National News

Trayvon Martin shooting causes outrage

Trayvon Martin went to the store for skittles and tea

But his short trip ended in horrible tragedy

Because Mr. Zimmerman thought he was no good

Just because he was black and wearing a hood

So he pursued him with a gun

And the teenager started to run

As the young boy Mr. Zimmerman pursued

Some of sort of fight ensued

Until Mr. Zimmerman shot Trayvon dead

With a piece of cold metal lead

Florida has a Stand Your Ground law

Which has rubbed many people raw

Because Mr. Zimmerman the police cannot arrest

For he claimed self defense and if that is false no one can attest

Outrage and protest for the shooting of Trayvon Martin have increased, with many, especially prominent African Americans, calling for his shooter Zimmerman's arrest. Due to Florida's Stand Your Ground Laws, the Florida police say that they cannot arrest Zimmerman because they cannot refute his claims of self-defense.

Supreme Court debates about Obamacare

There once was a bill about health care

That Republicans thought was unfair

So to the Supreme Court they went

And argued that the extent

Of the commerce clause did not allow

The government to regulate how

Everyone must get insurance for health

Regardless of their income and wealth

The Supreme Court heard arguments this week concerning the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act commonly known as Obamacare

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NEWS 9/17/19 10:34pm
H&D expands trash collection system change

Housing & Dining has implemented a trash collection system in the South Colleges that requires students to remove their own trash from their rooms, expanding a system that was already in place in North Colleges, according to H&D’s operations directors Beth Leaver and Brad Thacker.

NEWS 9/17/19 10:32pm
Handshake to replace Rice Job Board

Handshake, a national career database for students, is replacing the online Rice Job Board and changing the hiring process for campus-wide jobs and internships. However, the work-study jobs posted on the old Job Board have yet to be transferred onto Handshake. 

NEWS 9/17/19 10:29pm
Student Center introduces Owlnest

A new all-in-one online dashboard, Owlnest, designed to coordinate campus events and activities, was introduced at the beginning of the fall semester by the Rice Student Center. 


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