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By Anthony Lauriello     2/22/12 6:00pm

National News

Religion and women's rights dominate politics

They said this election was about our country's issues with money

But the issues have turned away from the economy not being sunny

And when Santorum started talking about the culture war people thought he didn't have a clue

But now abortion and religion are once again the prominent issue

With Obama arguing with the Catholic Church on contraception

Conservative talk about right to life is once again getting a warm reception

Whether this will continue to the general election, no one is sure.

But issues about morality in American politics are here to endure

From Wednesday's Republican primary debate to the uproar about Obama mandating Catholic-affiliated institutions to provide birth control, abortion is once again dominating the national agenda.

Santorum gains traction in polls

There once was a man named Rick Santorum

Those who thought he had a chance were all called dumb

But his candidacy isn't dead

In fact in the polls he is ahead

And Mitt Romney is now the one who is glum

Rick Santorum is now leading in several key polls, including in Mitt Romney's home state of Michigan.

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