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Monday, June 05, 2023 — Houston, TX

Arts and Entertainment

A&E 8/30/22 11:33pm

Changing the Narrative: Robert Hodge presents new campus mural

Robert Hodge’s studio is home to all kinds of art including paintings, a collage he’s currently working on and a music album with his own design on the cover. Hodge, a multidisciplinary artist based in Houston, is the talent behind one of the newest pieces of art on campus. 

A&E 8/30/22 11:32pm

Plug into these student-recommended podcasts

Sometimes there is no better medicine than a hot girl walk around the inner loop while listening to a podcast. Whether you are driving, on a stroll or desperately trying to make it across campus for your 8 a.m., here is the Thresher’s list of podcasts that will get you hooked. 

A&E 8/30/22 11:30pm

Munch on these brunches

There’s an art to brunch, from assembling the perfect group of friends to figuring out a time in the midst of hectic schedules to dine out together. Above all, though, there is an art to choosing the perfect restaurant to visit. With plentiful options in Houston, even just the array of choices can be overwhelming. That’s why we visited these four popular brunch spots to offer the inside scoop on the appeal of each. 

A&E 8/23/22 11:21pm

‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’: Glitzy, fabricated storyline lacks substance

A colorful portrait of privilege, egotism and murder emerges in A24’s latest film, “Bodies Bodies Bodies.” Released in theaters Aug. 12, “Bodies” follows the wealthy, assertive Sophie (Amandla Stenberg) as she invites her reserved girlfriend Bee (Maria Bakalova) to meet her friends at a remote mansion. Eerily tranquil shots of attractive 20-somethings floating underwater in the mansion’s pool introduce us to the “Bodies” ensemble: narcissistic David, unassuming Emma, mysterious Jordan, vapid Alice and Alice’s middle-aged, clueless boyfriend Greg. Upon their arrival, Sophie and Bee are met with reluctance and social tensions, which only build as the day progresses. That night, in a blur of drugs and dancing, Sophie suggests a murder mystery game that quickly becomes all too real. While a hurricane rages outside, characters are found bloodily still throughout the house; respective corpses shed light on old grudges, lurid truths and, most importantly, the obnoxious self-absorption of our affluent protagonists. 

A&E 8/23/22 9:58pm

Review: NIKI looks backwards to move forward on ‘Nicole’

On “Nicole,” NIKI looks to her origins to move onwards, collaborating with her younger self to create a work that bridges the gap between two different eras of her life and career. The artist, born Nicole Zefanya, made a splash when she won a nationwide competition to open for Taylor Swift’s Red Tour in Jakarta. At the time, she maintained a YouTube channel, “nzee24,” on which she posted original songs and covers, primarily with a stripped back, guitar-and-vocal-based sound.

A&E 8/23/22 9:56pm

Meals & deals: Enjoy Houston Restaurant Weeks

Every year from Aug. 1 to Sept. 5., the end of Labor Day weekend, Houston restaurants offer up some of the best deals of the year in the name of charity. Houston Restaurant Weeks — in reality a whole month — is the largest annual fundraiser for the Houston Food Bank, which according to the Restaurant Week website is America’s largest. It includes restaurants from The Woodlands down to the beach in Galveston. Many venues are a short walk or drive from campus, and this fundraiser can be a great way to try out new restaurants at slightly reduced cost. Here are some of the best restaurants participating right outside the hedges.

A&E 8/23/22 9:53pm

Looking back at summer music releases

Last year, the Thresher published a collection of smaller reviews and impressions of notable album releases from the summer break. One of the big themes of the past year was a slow return to normal, with musicians feeling hopeful about touring again and connecting with fans. This year, many of the pandemic’s effects can still be seen in releases, with many artists leaning into an introspective style after much time spent alone or only with close friends and family. However, many other artists have done exactly the opposite by embracing energy, making music that could be played in the clubs that have recently reopened. From the 29 summer releases I listened to, the following picks convey a range in genres and provide an image of current trends in popular music.

A&E 4/19/22 11:35pm

Summer Book Recommendations

With summer right around the corner, many students’ brains will finally have space for things other than organic chemistry or the latest coding problem that needs to be solved. Take this time to read for enjoyment again. The following are a series of summer recommendations perfect for time on a plane, by the pool or just on your couch. All incorporate travel in one way or another, and each has its own adventure that will leave you yearning for more. 

A&E 4/19/22 11:32pm

Review:‘The Northman’ sees Robert Eggers take his work to a larger stage

Robert Eggers is a filmmaker whose work has been defined by its small scale and intensive focus on characters. His prior films, “The Witch” and “The Lighthouse,” both feature a small cast and embrace environmental horror as terrifying events slowly pull the main ensemble apart. His reputation for his smaller scale and focus is partly why “The Northman” was so interesting upon its announcement — “The Northman” blows up Egger’s storytelling onto a massive scale. The locations, number of characters, and time period all dwarf his prior films. For the most part, Eggers steps up to the plate, succeeding in his ambition. “The Northman” will be available to watch in theaters April 22. 

A&E 4/19/22 11:30pm

Review: Jack White’s ‘Fear of the Dawn’ pushes rock forward with experimentation

Last year, Jack White promised fans not one, but two albums to be released in 2022 within months of each other. Throughout the pandemic, White created a wealth of music that went in “all different directions: some incredibly heavy; almost like speed metal; some sounded so gentle.” Instead of packaging them as one unit, a bulky double album as seen from artists like Drake and Kanye West recently, White decided to break them into two separate works: a heavier, rock-focused record and a folk album.

A&E 4/19/22 11:28pm

Review: Lizzy McAlpine’s artistry shines in “five seconds flat”

Lizzy McAlpine has created a masterpiece. Her second full-length project, “five seconds flat,” is a concept album complemented by a short film, with each song laid out in chronological order. Accompanied by collaborators Jacob Collier, FINNEAS and Ben Kessler, McAlpine’s unflinchingly honest writing creates a safe space for listeners within layers of thoughtful production. The project is an intentional departure from her debut, which she says embodied a more innocent and naive version of herself — someone she’s outgrown. Instead, “five seconds flat” is a vivid representation of McAlpine’s most formative experiences in love and loss, offering fans a more mature and nuanced perspective as she navigates their aftermath. 

A&E 4/19/22 11:23pm

Houston activities to try this summer

Although it may be hard to believe as we slog through final exams, summer is almost upon us. For those sticking around in Houston, whether it’s for research, an internship or to hang out with friends, there are many opportunities to explore beyond the hedges. While Houston’s humidity is not exactly a tourist attraction, these events are one way to begin filling your summer calendar.

A&E 4/12/22 11:19pm

Review: ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ is an Absurd, yet Stirring Thrill Ride

In recent years, the concept of the multiverse has become a fascination in entertainment. From “Rick and Morty” following characters as they hop through and dispose of various alternate realities to the use of the multiverse in “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” where alternative worlds provide a fun twist for fans of the franchise, both TV ratings and box office results show clear approval for this previously fringe sci-fi topic.

A&E 4/12/22 11:18pm

LGBTQ+ Films to watch to keep PRIDE Week going

Last week’s Pride Week celebrations may be over, but the contributions of the LGBTQ+ community to art can still be spotlighted. Whether a connoisseur of queer film or just learning about the array of options available, a fan of comedy or drama, narrative or documentary, this film list has options for a variety of viewers, all featuring LGBTQ+ characters and storylines.

A&E 4/12/22 11:17pm

Rice Owls Dance Team celebrates 30th anniversary, new era through spring showcase

For the Rice Owls Dance Team, the show will go on while parts of their journey come to an end. Their upcoming showcase, which celebrates the team’s 30th anniversary, also marks the end of an era for head coach Lilibeth Patt while ushering in her replacement, current team captain Taylor Montgomery. The show will be held on Friday, April 15 and Saturday, April 16 in Tudor Fieldhouse. 

A&E 4/12/22 11:16pm

Budget Bites: 2022 Boba Superlatives

Let’s face the facts: good boba is hard to find for a self-proclaimed connoisseur. There is nothing worse than over-brewed tea, unchewy pearls or grainy drink consistency. The art of boba is quite difficult to master and thus requires considerable attention to every component of the beverage. No need to fret though, since the Thresher has selected the best in the business within a twenty minute drive of Rice campus.

A&E 4/12/22 11:15pm

‘Tied in Nots’ showcases VADA student art

The Mavis C. Pitman Exhibition Fellowship is annually awarded to three to four Visual and Dramatic Arts students with concentrations in visual arts studio or film. The cash grant of 1,500 dollars enables these artists to create an original body of work for display at the Moody Center for the Arts.