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McMurtry wins women’s, Jones wins men's race following pandemic-adjusted Beer Bike

(04/16/21 7:31pm)

McMurtry College claimed first place in the women’s Beer Bike race while Jones College won the men’s race, according to preliminary results posted by Rice Program Council. This year’s Beer Bike took place over two days and was live streamed due to in-person capacity restrictions. Alumni did not participate this year.

Prominent Rice Donor Charged in Multi-Billion Dollar Tax Fraud Case

(10/28/20 3:44am)

Robert T. Brockman, the namesake behind two campus buildings and an overseer for the Jones Graduate School of Business, has been charged with hiding $2 billion in income in the largest tax evasion case in U.S. history, purchasing $30 million in luxury vacation properties along with a yacht. The news came in a press release on Oct. 15 from the U.S. Department of Justice, just one day before Brockman’s first official court hearing.

Alcohol will be permitted at collegewide outdoor events

(10/07/20 3:35am)

After weeks of campus being fully dry, Dean of Undergraduates Bridget Gorman sent out an email on Sept. 17 outlining plans to allow for “public events with alcohol” on Rice’s campus. The email, which was sent to various residential college student leaders, presents the guidelines and considerations for colleges to host events with alcohol, including the necessity for a dry, alcohol-free college event before hosting events serving alcohol. According to college chief justices, this decision may be the first step toward an eventual wet campus.

Rice music thrives in the face of adversity

(09/16/20 12:22am)

The Shepherd School of Music has conducted classes this semester both in-person and remote despite challenges regarding proximity, airflow, and, in the case of wind instruments, the spread of saliva particles. Consistent and exhaustive COVID-19 precautionary measures, specifically designed to restrict the spread of particles while playing instruments, have been enacted to make in-person music classes possible, according to Rice’s Director of Bands Chuck Throckmorton.