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‘At least i have you, egg.’ brings whimsical student art to the Media Center

(03/20/19 2:21am)

A series of illustrations drawn onto eggs have replaced the old film advertisements that typically line the walls of the Rice Media Center. They provide a quirky first impression for visitors and serve as the introduction to “At least i have you, egg.”, the 2019 Mavis C. Pitman Exhibition. 

When I Get Home: A masterful, artistic ode to Houston

(03/06/19 5:28am)

Music can sometimes feel transcendent, but rarely does it take a materialized form. With When I Get Home, contemporary rhythm and blues artist Solange Knowles incorporates live album experiences, challenging the notion that music is a medium made only for passive listening. An homage to Houston and feeling at home, When I Get Home wraps listeners up in its engaging sound and delivers key messages along the way.

Rodeo Houston 2019: Who to see, what to eat

(02/27/19 3:33am)

Fried bacon-wrapped cinnamon rolls, “minnepumpkin” pie, a $2.17 million prize pool — who says Texans don’t have culture? It’s time to put on newly-bought cowboy boots and sweat in jeans because the Houston Rodeo is in town. A conglomeration of carnival, cowboy sport and musical performances, the three-week-long Houston Rodeo is a spring must-go for both native Texans and wanna-be Texans alike. 

Peers and professors can work to prevent imposter syndrome

(02/13/19 4:33am)

Imposter syndrome — that deep sinking feeling that hits when you feel way out of your league, accompanied by cold sweat and anxiety. The first time I felt imposter syndrome was during O-Week, when my peers talked confidently about their four-year plans and career paths. I’ve gone on to feel it almost every day of my Rice career, and studies prove that I’m not the only one.

Africayé 2019 Preview: Afrofuturism, dance, song and food

(01/25/19 4:20pm)

In a Facebook countdown to Africayé, Mojola Balogun writes, “Though Afrofuturism is rooted in science fiction literature, cinema and art, its message extends to all aspects of black life: express yourself and love yourself.” Rice African Student Association (RASA) will host “Africayé 2019: Afrofuturism — The Future is Africa” this Saturday from 6 - 9 p.m. The show will feature song and dance performances, spoken word and North, West and East African food. 

Business & Pleasure: A conversation with Paul Hester

(01/23/19 5:09am)

A group photo usually includes three elements: the passerby photographer, the impatient photographed group and a phone camera. On Thursday, I got to be a part of the photographed group — but the photographer was former photography professor Paul Hester (Wiess ‘71), and instead of using a phone, he opted for a giant view camera. In classic Paul fashion, we were gathered in this film photo to celebrate the opening of his exhibition, “Business & Pleasure: Fifty Years of Photographs by Paul Hester.”